Use your focus as a tool to raise your vibration.  What could you focus on right now, that would immediately improve your mood and therefore raise your vibration?

I love focusing on what I “get to do” instead of “have to do” (which always feels a little heavy).

Try this – a list where you write down what you “get to do” that makes you happy and lighter.  For example:

  1. I get to talk with my close friend tonight
  2. I get to take time for myself this weekend
  3. I get to sleep late tomorrow
  4. I get to finish that project I’ve been working on
  5. I get to listen to music
  6. I get to see my niece this weekend

It couldn’t be easier, it always works, and anyone can do it.

Also try these variations – a list called: “This makes me feel relief…” and another with the title: “I feel joy when I think about this…”

What’s the challenge to focusing on what you “get to do” in your life? Usually you’re too focused on the problems, engaged by the hassles, or obsessed with the conflicts in your life.  I asked someone how they were doing and they listed 5 problems… the problems were real, and I listened to her frustrations, and then she caught herself and added that she also had a lot to look forward to in her week!

So if all you do is commit to spending a little more time every day raising your vibration, you will definitely move forward in surprising ways!

Let’s try some EFT/tapping to raise your vibration!

Karate chop point: (Tap here while you repeat this setup phrase 3 times): Even though I’m so focused on my problems I don’t notice what I “get to do” in my life, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.

Eyebrow: I am too busy trying to fix myself
Side of Eye: I’m too focused on what’s wrong
Under Eye: I get wrapped up in my challenges
Nose: My challenges take all my energy
Chin: My conflicts consume my attention
Collarbone: I feel urgent about fixing my problems
Under Arm: I’m agitated about my challenges
Head: All my energy goes towards my problems

Then continue tapping on these positive follow-up suggestions while you tap on the points on the face and body.

Eyebrow: What if I spend time focusing on what’s going well?
Side of Eye: What if I try to raise my vibration more often?
Under Eye: Sometimes I don’t see the results fast enough
Nose: I choose to focus on what’s going well
Chin: I want to want to focus on the positive
Collarbone: I’m open to looking for the positive
Under Arm: I appreciate all that I “get to do”
Head: I’m ready to make positive changes and enjoy them

Keep tapping on any and all fears that block you from focusing on what you “get to do.” (And by all means, keep tapping a little bit every day!)

If you want more support moving forward, one of my favorite coaching programs I recorded is “Project Gratitude.” (And thanks to those of you who notified us about the website hack last week… it was a doozie that made the site unreliable or inaccessible for the day.)


May 14, 2018

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