Carol Look

EFT Master and Creator of The Yes Code

Hello, I’m Carol, and thank you for being here.

You are in the right place.

I know that if you’re reading this, you want to transform your life so that you feel more successful, abundant, and satisfied every day.

Whether you fully believe you deserve the well-being, joy, and ease that this transformation would bring into your life, or not… I can help you!

I’ll show you how to:

  • Clear your emotional blocks,
  • Identify and release your limiting beliefs, and
  • Take inspired actions so you make more impactful choices in your life.

I am a best-selling author, speaker, abundance coach, and international workshop leader. I have helped tens of thousands of people all over the world to break free and step into the life they truly wanted.

I love helping people just like you.

There are a lot of coaches out there who offer goal-setting, tough love, and teach that hard work is the only way forward. That’s not me.

I am very practical and want you to have solid results, so I’ll teach you the best, time-tested tools to feel more satisfied and empowered in your life, more quickly and easily than you expect. 

In my practice, I use my signature coaching process: “The Yes Code.”  

Through this process, I help you identify exactly what you want (trust me, you can have more than you dream!), release your emotional blocks and limiting beliefs, and make more powerful and impactful choices by taking inspired actions. 

My clinical background brings in transformational perspectives and skills. I have a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work, a Doctoral Degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy, and I was designated an EFT Master by EFT Tapping Creator, Gary Craig.  I’ve honed these skills, eliminated the distractions, and am committed to helping create positive transformation for you in your world.

Let’s face it… Most of us never learned the right tools to clear our stress and emotional blocks (I certainly never learned how!) After trying numerous ways and feeling repeatedly frustrated, it’s easy to think there is no way forward. Giving up can seem like the only option.

Yet you’re here reading this. You KNOW there is something better!

The combination of skills, experience, and perspective I share is unique. And my clients have dynamic and dramatic results. I have had the privilege of working 1:1 and teaching workshops to fellow practitioners, lay people, doctors, nurses and mental health counselors in Canada, England, Australia, Brussels, France, The Netherlands and all over the United States.

I want to reach the people who are searching with hope to break free of the struggle, and I hope you’re one of them. I love creating high-quality coaching programs for you on topics such as Success and Abundance, Stress Relief, Clearing Clutter, and Weight Loss.

If you’re ready to take the next step, to break free of the struggle, and embrace ease and abundance: