Not only have you helped me to help my clients release their emotional and physical pain, you also helped me to clear my own limiting beliefs. I am eternally grateful to you for all of this. Thank you for putting on such an amazing conference and for passing the torch of knowledge, you are truly a Master. I can’t wait to see what you teach us next, I look forward to it. God Bless you always, Carol!
Beth O’Connor, Emotional Intelligence Coach, EFT Practitioner

Your skills and intuition are at a level I hope to grow into as a therapist and the love and acceptance you exuded made my personal experience rich and freeing– So, again, thank you! I have never been to a professional or personal conference before that has made such an impact on me– and I’ve been to tons of them! I always manage to not let myself be touched personally but there was no escaping that with you! :) You are truly a master! :)
Heidi Garis, Certified Abundance Coach, EFT Practitioner

Just a short message to say – ‘You rock!’ I really enjoyed your workshops and thank you again for your insight and clarity – it is so very, very helpful, inspiring, uplifting… I could go on! Best wishes.
Anne H.

The shifts in my life have been (and continue to be) remarkable! Abundance, in every sense of the word, is attracted to me, every day and every moment!

I now have the courage, tools ,and resilience to go anywhere, face anything, thanks to you, your team and your uniquely challenging program! I feel like a butterfly emerging from a long sleep, escaping the confines of her limiting, yet warm cocoon, ready to try her wings and finally shine. With great respect and gratitude,
Audrey G., Colorado

How can I describe what is going on in my life, except to say that money seems to be flowing in from new clients in areas where I have not marketed! Using EFT and Law of Attraction with Carol Look’s coaching program has definitely worked! I am very happy, constantly in a state of gratitude and look forward to going to work every Monday as I am wondering what great surprise will I realize this week! I can’t thank you enough…
John C. from Connecticut

Carol Look’s programs are amazing because she is an amazing energy healer and coach! My life has improved in so many areas since I started to tap along with Carol and her programs and live events. Her audio series, “Moving from Sabotage to Success” and “The Vibration of Abundance” are both outstanding. Carol has unique gifts which I believe make her so successful in helping others get results with EFT(Tapping). Her intuitive depth, and her ability to identify core issues and then to laser in on the heart of the matter are what truly make Carol a world expert at what she does. I am an example of a person who was struggling in a number of areas of my life, but working with Carol’s programs has helped me remove many of my sabotage blocks. In turn, this has helped me completely reshape my career and my life, allowing abundance to flow in. I truly believe you will see dramatic results if you follow Carol’s coaching programs!
Lynn Rekvig from Gol, Norway

The coaching program has been outstanding since day one. My coach is a joy to work with and has opened my eyes to more effective ways to go through the tapping process. Doing tapping regularly and having someone to discuss and fine-tune the experience with is priceless. The Group Coaching Calls with Carol are a great time to listen to others and tap for myself. I’m definitely getting the right help to get to the root of my issues! All in all a great experience and I look forward to continuing on to Level 3. Thank you!!!!
John J. from Rhode Island

Working with Carol and her programs has allowed me to finally attract financial abundance into my life! She is incredibly clear, focused, and deeply skilled at getting to core issues… she helped me get to core issues that I didn’t even know I had. I have been able to release my sabotage behavior, my fear of success and many surprising emotional blocks that had previously kept me from attracting abundance. Thank you Carol, for your intuition, expertise, compassion and skill. I am loving the abundance that is showing up in all areas of my life! You and your programs have completely changed my life for the better – I can’t recommend them highly enough to anyone who is tired of being stuck and is ready to succeed.
Marti Murphy, Career Coach, Albuquerque, NM

Since I discovered EFT in 2010, Carol Look really stood out for me as being an expert. So when the chance to work with her and become an Abundance Coach came up, I jumped at the chance and sent in my application having no idea how I would pay for it. I just knew I had to do it. Carol’s ability to laser in on the issue in our Group Calls is amazing and my personal Abundance Coach is absolutely fantastic. Since starting the program I have overcome so much of my own ‘stuff’ to enable me to move forward and build my coaching business. I have far more confidence in my ability and have finally started to get paying clients who pay what I am worth.
Audra Duffy, England

Each level of Carol’s program has offered me a deeper understanding of how best to live a life of abundance on every level and how best to share this gift with others in a fulfilling and rewarding way through coaching. I felt constantly supported by my coach, the Group Calls, the Expert Interviews, and through the breadth of products that Carol provided. These tools transformed what might have been an emotionally challenging process into one that I felt empowered to readily embrace and view as an opportunity from which to continuously learn and grow. My family and I have seen profound shifts in my life, and I am so encouraged to witness amazing shifts in the lives of those with whom I have been working. Nothing could feel more rewarding or joyful! I am incredibly grateful!
David Fugel, New Jersey

With the support of Carol’s coaching program, I have been able to increase my clarity and improve my confidence. I’ve been able to release my fears around becoming who I am meant to be and have finally let go of family programs that don’t serve me. Being able to learn from both individual sessions and the group work has really helped me to break through my abundance blocks and truly “up level” my life. I feel excited to continue moving forward, and I feel inspired to become the best coach I can be. Many thanks to Carol and her Team! Blessings! :)
Elysha Maughan, Utah

I am extremely grateful to Carol Look for changing my life, particularly in the area of financial abundance (but truly so much more). It all started with a weekend workshop. The shifts in life, attitudes and relationships took hold immediately. This inspired me to start reading, listening to and implementing many of Carol’s products and my career and financial status began to take an extraordinary turn.

       Since then I have had the opportunity to work directly with Carol in her Coaching Program. My life and success continued to skyrocket. A long held job which had become burdensome and stale feels fresh exciting and all the daily issues and stressors that are part of the job I now handle with ease and flow. I also started a small coaching practice and my business has grown three fold since its inception. This year, just for fun, I decided I wanted to double my income. I went back to basics using Carol’s scripts and products and only 5 months into this experiment my coaching practice income is twice the total for last year – I am on track to manifest my intent. Opportunities, clients and the perfect connections seem to appear as if by magic.

Lastly, it is not all about the money (even though it’s been nice!) My life, health and relationships have improved exponentially. I credit all the changes in my life and that of my family to Carol Look and her authentic, generous and incredibly powerful products
Leslie Vellios, Abundance Coach, Pleasantville, NY

Carol Look is a dynamic presenter, facilitator, and agent of positive change. She has an exceptional ability to hone in on the area of greatest need and apply her considerable skills to effect positive change in that area. Her enthusiasm and positive attitude is infectious, and can raise the vibration of any group. Carol is also one of the best listeners I have ever met. Combined with her exceptional listening skills is an intuitive ability to get to the “nut” of the matter being discussed – and she then has the ability to work collaboratively with the person, group, or system until positive change is effected. As someone who is involved extensively in the area of corporate change consulting and development I highly recommend Carol Look and her work to any individual or organization seeking to raise their results to the next level. You will be getting the very cutting edge of personal change work from one of the world’s best trainers and change agents.
Steve Wells, Corporate Peak Performance Consultant www.eftdownunder.com