I’m not sure “hate” is the right word. But I certainly know that I resist change – I either avoid it, procrastinate, cling to my current way of operating (even if it doesn’t work), or when I move forward, it is not without considerable “kicking and screaming.”

Yes, even if my current way of doing something is not working smoothly… I still resist change!

What’s the truth about change… why does it have to be so hard?

The truth is that change doesn’t have to be hard, it is simply uncomfortable, different, and new. Maybe you are afraid of the unknown or what “it” will look like when you get there. If you are avoiding change in any way, you know you have specific fears that are getting in your way.

That’s it. It’s that simple.  The fear of doing the work, feeling uncomfortable, facing something new, or sitting in the unknown is the source of your resistance.

How about you, what are your fears about change that cause you to be resistant?

Let’s try some EFT/tapping on the challenge of this resistance.

Karate chop point: (Tap here while you repeat this setup phrase 3 times): Even though I resist change because Im more comfortable and familiar with the way things are now, I deeply and completely live and accept myself

Eyebrow: I always resist change
Side of Eye: I’m afraid of what I’ll have to do differently
Under Eye: I’m worried about not feeling comfortable
Nose: I’m afraid of doing something different and new
Chin: I’d rather stay comfortable with where I am now
Collarbone: I’m afraid of making a change… it scares me
Under Arm: I’m afraid to do what I need to do
Head: I’ve always been afraid of change

Then continue tapping on these follow-up phrases while you tap on the points on the face and body.

Eyebrow: I have always resisted change in the past
Side of Eye: But I’m considering being open to changing now
Under Eye: I’m just afraid of how I’ll feel along the journey
Nose: I’d rather stay comfortable where I am
Chin: I want to want to make changes that will help me
Collarbone: I’m open to making positive changes in my life
Under Arm: I appreciate knowing that I have what it takes
Head: I’m ready to make positive changes and enjoy them

Keep tapping on any and all fears that block you from moving forward. (And by all means, keep tapping a little bit every day!)

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May 8, 2018

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