The Yes Code Coaching with Carol

Get ready to release your blocks, step into your power, and feel inspired to live the life of your dreams with The Yes Code.

The Yes Code™ process is my unique version of laser coaching to help you attract success and abundance into all areas of your life. I love results, and as I coach you through the 3 steps of The Yes Code, I will help you clarify your vision, release your blocks, and find your next yes.

Throughout this process, you will release any fears and old patterns of behavior that have kept you playing small. You will learn how to tap into the clarity you need to make inspired choices to live a life full of purpose and passion, one “yes” at a time. Combining intuition, decades of clinical experience, and advanced methods of EFT (“tapping”), I will help you eliminate your emotional blocks to success so you can move forward with ease and grace, and shine in your own unique way.

Clarify Your Vision

In Step #1 of The Yes Code process, I help you clarify the vision of what you want in all areas of your life. Once you have identified what you want rather than what you don’t want, I will help you ask efficient, illuminating questions to help you identify past emotional blocks to being clear and the limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck.

Release Your Blocks to Success

In Step #2 of The Yes Code process, I will help you use EFT (“tapping”) to clear the fears and release the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back, making you play small in your life. As I support you to eliminate these emotional blocks and beliefs that have been keeping you from the success you desire, you will start to shine and embrace the best version of yourself.

Find Your Next Yes

In Step #3 of The Yes Code process, I help you identify what “yes” and “no” answers feel like from within so you can make ideal choices to support your success. I help you to infuse your decisions, projects, and relationships with gratitude. As you find your next yes in each situation that shows up in your life, you will be able to step into your power and live the life of your dreams, one “yes” at a time.

After I coach you through The Yes Code process to clear emotional and energetic conflicts to success, you will know how to get your own answers so you can choose the next steps on your path. You will be able to fulfill your vision with freedom, passion, and connection to your purpose.

The Yes Code™ is a trademark of Carol Look, LLC.

Coaching with Carol

Diamond Breakthrough Program

The Diamond Breakthrough Program is a 6-month (minimum), intensive, and exclusive coaching program that offers in-depth, laser coaching with Carol and her expert coaches to break through your blocks to wealth, health, and happiness.

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VIP Coaching Option

When you choose the VIP Coaching Option with EFT Master, Carol Look, you will be given a 6-hour package of intensive coaching customized for your needs so you can experience deep, targeted, exceptional results. You may spread the sessions over a time period of your choice. You will also receive many of Carol’s high-quality Tapping products.

Email Carol at for the application process and interview.

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