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Your choices shape your daily life and of course, your future as well. And that means that the choices you make are as important as the ones you avoid making.

If your life reflects all your choices, how are you doing?

Naturally, your fears influence all of your choices. Sometimes you might fear moving forward so you sabotage yourself. Other times you might fear staying where you are, so you make an impulsive choice just to “get moving.” Both of these motivations can get you in trouble (trust me, done that, been there…) because when you’re not coming from a centered emotional space, your energy is out of alignment.

After studying my own contradictory behavior, and the behavior of all my clients over the years, I discovered that the 2 top fears that drive choices are:
(1) the fear of making a mistake, and
(2) the fear of “their” reactions to your choices

So go ahead and take a long look at the choices you made this week – with your health, your relationships, and your work – and why you made them.

Do you like your choices?
Were you driven by the fear of making a mistake?
Do you like the “process” you use to make your choices?
Are you too worried about other people’s reactions?

I want to help you get your choices back on track, by coming from the “right” place, not from fear.

We know that one of the fastest ways to neutralize negative feelings such as fear and create more positive outcomes is by using EFT/ Tapping.

I invite you to tap along with me below:

Side of Hand: Even though I’ve been afraid of making a mistake, so I don’t choose at all, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway… Even though I’m afraid of what they’ll think, so I avoid making any choices, I accept who I am and how I feel… Even though I’ve been letting my fear block me from making choices, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway!

Eyebrow: I’m afraid of making a mistake
Side of Eye: I’m afraid of their reactions
Under Eye: I’m afraid of making the wrong choice
Nose: I don’t want to make a mistake
Chin: I let my fear control my choices
Collarbone: I am so afraid of making a mistake
Under Arm: Sometimes I’m frozen and can’t do anything
Head: I’m so afraid of what they’ll think of my choices…

Repeat these positive follow-up phrases while you continue tapping on the identified points.

Eyebrow: I want to make good choices
Side of Eye: I want to release my fear
Under Eye: I choose to release my fear
Nose: I choose to make choices from my center
Chin: I love making the right choices for me
Collarbone: I’m feeling more centered
Under Arm: I can make the right choices
Head: I choose to make successful choices in my life

Keep Tapping and keep making good choices!

(New Yorkers, and anyone nearby, hope to see you October 18th! Register for the workshop here.)

September 19, 2019

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