Abundance is a feeling, not a dollar amount.  Abundance just IS—you don’t need to chase it. Wouldn’t that be a relief if you honestly believed that you didn’t have to work harder, run faster, or get there first to claim abundance for yourself? Just for an experiment, try knowing that abundance is already there for you, waiting for you to walk right up and say Thank You! Most people are overly focused on the dollar amount in their bank account, or on the price of goods and services they can’t yet afford.  When the concept that abundance is already there waiting for you is fully digested, your relationship to money, success, health and friendships will change.

But if Abundance just IS, why is everyone running on the treadmill chasing it? Because most people haven’t slowed down long enough to notice how much abundance surrounds them already and how tuning into it sets magnetic attraction into motion.  When you are tuning in to the feeling of appreciation, you are tuning into the state of abundance.  The energy of needing to struggle, proving that your life is difficult, or feeling like a victim blocks your success.   Have you noticed that when you  chase money (or relationships or health) it keeps eluding you?  That’s because the feeling behind the chase is one of “lack” or neediness.  When you start from this place, you never catch up to what you are running after.

You wouldn’t feel the need to struggle if you already felt worthy.  When you enter in to the energy of appreciation and gratitude, you feel worthy and wealthy.   And it’s the feeling of wealth that magnetizes wealth to you.  So try some of these simple exercises to tune into the energy of appreciation, and therefore, abundance.

(1) Try relaxing and allowing the abundance to come to you.  If you don’t know how to relax yet, practice, tap a little, and have some fun today.

(2) Write your daily Thank You/ Gratitude List or take your gratitude walk.   Try it for a week, and don’t be surprised if something delightful and surprising pops into your life.

(3) Use EFT (or favorite EP method) for any remaining doubts about your worthiness.

If you want to speed up magnetizing what you want, appreciate the “signs” of abundance and its energy in your daily life.  After doing the experiment on myself and clients, I know it works!

March 23, 2014

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