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I am EFT Master, Carol Look, and I am an author, speaker, coach, and creator of The Yes Code.  I always want to help you let go of what is holding you back and getting in your way of the success and happiness you deserve!

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What If You Could Let Go?

Whether you’re holding onto extra pounds, clutter, grievances, drama, or relationships that are no longer healthy for you, I invite you to look at the “upside” of why you’re holding on. (Hint: It’s usually for safety and protection.)

Trust me, you wouldn’t be “holding on” if it didn’t feel better to you in some way – whether you’re holding onto something physical or emotional, it likely feels like some kind of protection, safety, or it’s just familiar because you learned this from your family.

I highly recommend you appreciate yourself for holding onto whatever the “it” is.  You were definitely doing it for a “good” reason… some kind of protection you think or feel you need.

But what if… you could finally let go of that emotional conflict that’s holding the physical challenge in place?

Then what?  Would you:

  • Be afraid because then those pounds would drop off?
  • Feel exposed because you’d get rid of some of that clutter?
  • Fear you’d be “forgiving” someone and letting them off the hook?
  • Start to shine and that would bring up new fears?

Once you find out “why” you’re holding on to extra weight, books, papers, stuff, pain, grudges, or relationships, then you can identify why it served you, how it protected you, and find new more constructive ways to feel safe. Then and only then will you be able to choose to let it go and feel the freedom, ease and lightness you deserve.

So ask yourself “what is the upside” of holding on to this extra baggage, and then ask yourself how you’d feel if you let it go.  The answers (fears) can become your Tapping targets.

Don’t forget to appreciate yourself – you’ve been holding onto these emotional conflicts for a good reason – safety and protection. But now, I invite you to clear it and let go…  you will feel lighter on every level.

Here are some Tapping suggestions below:

If you’d like to measure your fear of letting go on the 0-10 point scale, go ahead and do that now.

Side of the hand: Even though I’m afraid to let go of these emotional conflicts, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.  Even though I’m protecting myself by holding onto emotional conflicts, I appreciate why I haven’t let go yet…   Even though I can’t seem to let go of the emotional conflicts and the challenges they create, because they make me feel safe and protected, I appreciate who I am and why I’ve been afraid to let go.

Eyebrow: I’m afraid to let go
Side of Eye: I feel the need for protection
Under Eye: I’m afraid to let go
Nose: It makes me feel safer
Chin: I feel more calm when I’m holding on
Collarbone: I’m afraid to let go of the conflicts
Under Arm: Who would I be without them?
Head: What might happen if I actually let go?

Take a deep breath. Go ahead and measure your fear on the 0-10 point scale.

Here’s another round targeting your fears:

Eyebrow: I’m afraid of being without my protection
Side of Eye: I’m worried about what might happen next
Under Eye: If I let go of the emotional conflict, then what?
Nose: I’m afraid to let go of the conflicts underneath the “stuff”
Chin: I know what I’m afraid of now
Collarbone: I appreciate why I’ve been holding on so tightly
Under Arm: I’m worried I can’t handle what might surface
Head: I really don’t know who I’d be without it

Take another deep breath and measure your fear again.

Then continue with these more forgiving, positive statements:

Eyebrow: I’m almost ready to let go
Side of Eye: Don’t rush me, but I’m almost ready
Under Eye: I really want to let go
Nose: It’s time to let go
Chin: I choose to let go now
Collarbone: I appreciate myself and why I’ve been holding on
Under Arm: I appreciate that I’m ready to let go
Head: I’m ready to feel safe in new and healthier ways now

Take another deep breath, and measure your fear again.




May 17, 2021

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