Successful weight loss case done over the phone

By Carol Look, EFT Master

“Fiona” has been working with me by telephone for 5-6 months to lose weight and has lost a total of 20 pounds so far. Her story and our tapping sessions are described below:

LETTER FROM FIONA: I come from a family where food and weight are major issues. I can’t remember a time when these subjects were not mentioned, and they are discussed constantly, even now. My oldest sister was always overweight…my Mom even used to lock the pantries to keep her out. She had gastric bypass surgery last year. Body image was always stressed as well. Two out of three sisters in my family had plastic surgery by our 16th birthdays. I was one of them.

I am the mother of 10 children from combined marriages and I have battled weight issues since I can remember. It has fluctuated, but I have been more than 30 lbs overweight at times. The way I was brought up, you would think I was over 100 lbs overweight when I saw my reflection. I have been a yo-yo dieter, an emotional eater and a binge eater.

When I started EFT tapping, I noticed my cravings going away. I used to have certain comfort foods; all kinds of chocolate, cereals, ice cream, Starbucks coffee with extra caramel and more. I was obsessed with these foods and loved them.

After working with the tapping, I became aware of my emotions that were connected to eating. I never felt like I was enough for my family or did enough. After taking care of my husband and the 7 children still living at home, I never felt like anyone took care of me. I felt deprived and food was my comfort. Anger and frustration at my husband and the kids sent me immediately to the kitchen.

Fiona has often said she feels overwhelmed with her roller coaster life, and can’t ever feel calm or relaxed… “There is always something else to do.” I have asked her to regularly tap for: “Even though there’s never enough time and I’m always too busy, I deeply and completely accept myself.” Fiona makes time to tap on herself in between sessions, even though she has 7 children still at home, several with learning disabilities that require extra meetings with counselors and tutors.

The primary themes Fiona tapped on were as follows:

For Cravings:

“Even though I’m craving that caramel coffee, and I don’t know if I can do without it, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though I must have my afternoon treat, I completely accept myself anyway.”

“Even though I’ll feel resentful and totally deprived if I can’t have my sweets, I deeply and completely accept all of me.”

“Even though I don’t feel complete without my sweet treats, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

For Low Self-Esteem:

“Even though I have never been enough, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though I’m convinced I’m not good enough and don’t do enough, I choose to feel calm and peaceful.”

“Even though I’m not a good enough mother, I completely accept myself.”

“Even though I know I am inadequate, that’s what my mother told me, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though I don’t feel worthy, I deeply and completely accept myself and my faults.”

“Even though I see myself as fat and unattractive, I deeply…”

Other Emotional Themes:

“Even though I have this chronic anxiety, and I feel edgy all the time, I deeply and completely love and accept all of me.”

“Even though I don’t know what it’s like to feel relaxed and strong, I love all of me.”

“Even though I don’t believe I can get better, why try again, I deeply and completely accept where I am.”

“Even though I feel stressed out and overwhelmed all the time, I deeply and completely accept myself and my life.”

“Even though I feel deprived because no one takes care of me, I deeply accept myself and my family.”

Fiona continues her story…

In the last 5-6 months I have lost 20 lbs. and feel confident that I will maintain control over my eating. I HAVE NOT HAD sugar, bread or any other high glycemic foods. The difference this time (from other weight loss attempts) is that I don’t desire those foods. My kids laugh at me because they think I’m nuts when I talk about tapping, but they can’t deny the long lasting results they’ve seen so far.

I am using tapping for my energy level also. When I am done, I always see clearer. The fog or fuzziness is lifted. I feel certain that I have mild depression which cannot be treated with medication and I am using the tapping for that as well. I’ve also used it when I am angry and frustrated with my kids, my husband, my mom and even angry at myself.

Many thanks to Fiona.

June 21, 2009

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