Carol Look presents a letter from Janet on weight loss

By Carol Look, EFT Master

INTRO BY CAROL: I met a lovely couple at the Chicago workshop who told me that after following the weight loss articles I wrote for the EFT web site, they lost 52 and 60 pounds respectively, using only the phrases and guidelines in those case studies. While “Janet” has lost 52 pounds so far, she felt frustrated about being “stuck” at her current plateau. I used some of her language in my weight loss demonstration which helped give her a jump start. Below is Janet’s enthusiastic letter.

Dear Carol,

So much has happened since I last spoke to you. The workshop was a total success for me. I acquired so much knowledge, so many tools, and best of all so many new friends. In my eyes, it was so well worth going for.

I must tell you, even though I haven’t lost any pounds, (since the original 52) I have lost inches, which tells me that the pounds are next! I am so excited to be off the plateau. THANK YOU !!

I am so excited about what EFT has done for me. Let’s start this with my story. I started gaining a lot of weight in 1977 (to the tune of 84 pounds) after the birth of my second child. This pregnancy and birth were difficult, and I didn’t want any more of that. I got it in my head that being FAT was the answer, knowing that my husband at the time was a very physical person. I did go on a diet though, and after 2 years lost most of the weight, and lo and behold, I got pregnant again. After the birth of my daughter, I stayed overweight and didn’t even attempt to lose any weight. I got sick from gallbladder problems, and the weight had to come off. I had my gallbladder removed, and within 7 months after recovery, and a weight loss of many pounds, you know the story, I had a son this time. If this experience didn’t put the idea in my mind that FAT was the answer, nothing did. I stayed that way.

A lot of emotional things happened along the way. My husband told me how fat I was, how bad I looked, and began to emotionally abuse me. I felt that I deserved this. I felt that he was right. I did this to myself, I deserved to suffer, I didn’t deserve to lose the weight, I owed it to myself to be fat, that was what I wanted in the first place, on and on. I hid behind the bag of chips and the candy bars to soothe myself and for quite awhile, that worked.

(Note from Carol: Remember, that EFT’ers look at all addictions as a way to soothe or tranquilize disturbing or unsettling emotions. Janet was using food to numb the pain.)

Now let me add that our creator, whom I call God, has a wonderful sense of humor. For some reason beyond my understanding, my husband decided that even if I didn’t do something about my weight, he still would have a physical relationship with me. I had a girl this time and at 45 that was the clincher! FAT I was and FAT I would remain!

I then became acquainted with “Brad” who introduced me to EFT in September of 2003. I was noticing at the time all of the women who were passing away in their early 50’s in my area, and having a young daughter, and being 50 myself, I decided to give this crazy technique a try. I went to Gary’s site, and looked up weight loss. There you were, helping all of these other people to lose weight, and the EFT had helped my headaches, so why not give it a try? I did, and I used the phrases that I found in the weight loss articles. My personal favorites were:

“Even if I don’t deserve to lose this weight, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even if I never lose this weight…”

“Even though I don’t want to give up my best friend food etc.”

The pounds began to come off, and the wonderful part is that there was no diet to follow, no deprivation, no feeling sorry for myself because I was “dieting” because I wasn’t. The only thing I stayed away from was the junky stuff, and even now I sometimes have those darn chips but don’t go overboard on them.

Brad was and still is very supportive, and helped me along the way when I would get into the hurry ups. I would tell him that the pounds needed a pick axe to come off, things were not happening fast enough for me etc. We would return to the site, and look up more. The emotional healings that take place with EFT are amazing and some of those folks in your articles have a piece of my story, so I used what was there. The pounds continued to fall. I tapped on the weight in the morning (I do some of my most powerful tapping in the shower!!) again at night, and if I wanted something that I knew was going to put me on a binge, I would tap that away too. I think that is why the stocks in Hershey fell, I was their best customer!!

Nine months later, and 52 pounds less of me, I finally got to meet the woman who has helped me through so much. I told you that I just couldn’t seem to get any further, I was not losing an ounce. I might add here, that even though I was stuck, and not losing any weight, the EFT which I used every day helped me to not gain any either. I’m a fatty at heart, and without the EFT, I know for myself that the weight would be back on in no time. We did some tapping at the workshop on my own personal problem, and WHEE I’m on the roll again.

I can’t thank you enough. EFT has made it possible for me to feel good about myself again, to see life thru different eyes. With the help of EFT for both physical and emotional problems, I have a whole new life. I have lost 52 pounds of me and intend to lose 30 or so pounds more, I have met people who honestly care about me. EFT practitioners are a group of loving, caring people who want to help the whole darn world get healthy!! I have become emotionally and physically healthy enough to trust in ME.

Now that I know just how wonderful EFT is in all of the areas of a person’s life, I have worked very diligently to become an EFT-ADV practitioner myself, and seeing how a workshop is done, and meeting such fantastic people, I know that I too can be a success. Again, thank you for letting me share my story. I hope that it will help someone else along the way to see that EFT is the answer to so many problems that life hands us. I am a three time a day tapper, and on some days, that three times turns out to be all day!! In the end, I am a healthier person, a more contented person, and to me, EFT is the only way to go. Drug and pain free is for me!!

Always, Janet.

May 21, 2009

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