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I know, I know, you’ve said a million times that you want to make a significant change in your life – ending a bad habit, starting a good habit, getting better at listening, improving your health, reducing your clutter problem, handling money more responsibly – but then it never happens.

Why not? Because you are getting in your own way.

Why are you getting in your own way? Because you have mixed feelings about moving forward and making this change.

I believe you, I know you really want to change. But I also believe that you feel scared of the change too! So there is an inner battle, and neither side wins.

Getting in our own way

This inner battle keeps “change” in the “oh, I should get to that soon” category, and it never gets done.

Honoring and validating the fear of change and its consequences will create a shift in your energy, and then a shift in your behavior.

For instance, if you think it’s a really good idea to change your spending habits, that’s fine, until you feel restricted and resentful about the limits on your spending.

Maybe you want to lose a few pounds, and that’s a good idea until you feel deprived and lonely when you don’t binge on sugar.

Maybe you want to change how you interact with people at work. That’s fine until you feel angry because your co-worker criticized you in front of your boss.

Let’s start Tapping:

Side of hand: Even though I’m afraid of making the change I want to make, I deeply and completely love and accept myself… Even though I have an inner battle about making changes, I accept who I am and how I feel… Even though I have mixed feelings about making the changes I want to make, I accept who I am and how I feel.

Eyebrow: I’m afraid of changing
Side of Eye: I’m afraid of the consequences
Under Eye: I’m afraid of what might happen
Nose: I have mixed feelings
Chin: I’m afraid to make a change
Collarbone: I don’t want anything to really be different
Under Arm: I’m worried about the consequences
Head: I’m getting in my own way because I’m afraid

Take a deep breath and continue Tapping below:

Eyebrow: I have this inner battle about changing
Side of Eye: Part of me wants to and other parts do not
Under Eye: This inner battle about changing
Nose: I’m afraid of changing
Chin: But I want to change
Collarbone: But a part of me doesn’t want to
Under Arm: A part of me is afraid of change
Head: I have both parts, no wonder I get in my own way

Take a deep breath now… and then tap again on these more positive statements.

Side of Hand: Even though I have mixed feelings about changing, I choose to honor my feelings anyway.

Eyebrow: I honor my feelings
Side of Eye: I have an inner battle
Under Eye: But I really want to change
Nose: I am releasing my fear
Chin: I feel more relieved already
Collarbone: I feel better about following through
Under Arm: I feel better already
Head: I am ready to make my changes

Take another deep breath, and continue Tapping on this topic until you feel enthusiastic about making one of your identified changes.

Carol Look

July 28, 2020

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