Courtroom anxiety AND anxiety about calling employers

By Carol Look, EFT Master

I treated a woman who was in the middle of a custody battle over her four year old daughter. Her husband was a wealthy cocaine addict who hired the most famous and most expensive lawyer in Manhattan. She complained of being so upset during the court proceedings that she felt chronically nauseous and shook from anxiety. I taught her the tapping in the session and reduced her anxiety when she thought about her husband winning custody, yelling at her, and manipulating her the way he had in their marriage.

“Even though I feel anxious about my husband…””Even though I feel anxious when the lawyer talks…””Even though going to court makes me feel sick to my stomach…””Even though the thought of my husband winning makes me sick with anxiety…”

She called me the next day to say she tapped in court using the imagery/visualization method (didn’t want to look wacky in front of the judge…) and felt completely free of anxiety. She said she no longer felt like vomiting, could face her husband despite his courtroom antics, and felt more confident that she could handle the whole problem.. She was truly in disbelief and thanked me over and over again for a technique that “saved her sanity.”

Another anxiety case involved a phone session with a woman who was having heart palpitations, sweaty palms, shortness of breath and overall anxiety because she was about to make a call to prospective employers. She was embarrassed to say how anxious she felt, but said she couldn’t even pick up the phone to make one of these calls. Her voice was racey and she was spiraling in her negative thoughts as we talked. She had never seen the spots or tapped before, so I had to describe them to her over the phone.We tapped as follows:

“Even though the thought of making these calls makes me feel sick…””Even though picking up the phone to call X makes me feel anxious…””Even though my heart is thumping and I feel out of control…””Even though I have no confidence in myself as an employee…”

In a very short period of time, she felt completely better, actually anxiety free and found it hard to believe that it was the tapping. She said it was too strange, and like voodoo. (Thank you APEX…) Anyway, she felt calm enough and confident enough to make the calls.

The final anxiety case involves an actress who became paralyzed when she had to audition for or act in a play. We began tapping on general anxiety:

“Even though I get anxious about auditions…”

Her face would turn red and she could feel her heart pounding when she described what would happen to her. The tapping was not working very well so we got more specific, and of course, as it turned out, there were multiple aspects…

“Even though I’m afraid to leave my house when I have an audition…””Even though I feel anxious on the subway going to an audition “travel anxiety”…””Even though I feel nervous when the director gives the “10 minute call”…””Even though I feel nervous when the director gives the “5 minute call”…”


The referring therapist told me that the client felt much better but was afraid to do more tapping on her own because she didn’t want to think about the anxiety. Within a few weeks she got over that and began doing the tapping on her own.

Hope these help…

Love, Carol

January 21, 2010

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