(1) What is the definition of Abundance or Prosperity Consciousness?
ABUNDANCE is an attitude, a level of consciousness, that when turned on, brings the money, relationships, vitality, joy and health you are looking for into your life. Technically, the word abundance means plenty, overflowing, more than enough… It is definitely not just about the money. Abundance is actually a feeling about prosperity and a trust that there is enough right now and that there will be enough for all of us. Once your consciousness is pointing in the right direction, you will get what you have been asking for. If you have limiting beliefs about your ability to attract financial resources into your life, your life will reflect those beliefs.

(2) How does EFT/ Meridian Tapping work?
We use EFT/ Meridian Tapping, affirmations and imagery to release all the blocks to financial abundance you may have absorbed, inherited, adopted or picked up since you were born.  Then we continue with the tapping to attract personal and professional success so we can live a prosperous life full of love, passion, joy and gratitude.

(3) Why do you think so many people have difficulty attracting abundance into their lives?
We all have comfort zones or artificial limits, which keep us from expanding. Between comfort zones and limiting beliefs about what IS possible, there are many hurdles to attracting abundance. EFT/ Meridian Tapping works on your body’s energy system to widen your comfort zone and deactivate your limiting beliefs.

(4) Why would you use an energy techniques such as EFT/ Meridian Tapping to help people attract more money or prosperity in general?
The blocks to prosperity are in our emotional and energetic system, not in the outside world. Meridian Tapping techniques are the premier tools to neutralize these blocks and release the emotions that have been limiting abundance. EFT and other Meridian Tapping techniques are easy-to-use and work more quickly than many traditional methods.

(5) Have you seen EFT and Meridian Tapping work on expanding someone’s comfort zones?
Absolutely! I have helped many clients expand their comfort zones with EFT/ Meridian Tapping. I expanded my own so that now I am earning 4 times what I earned at the time I discovered I had one of these artificial ceilings.

(6) Why do you think EFT/ Meridian Tapping is so powerful for attracting abundance?
Because the “problem” is usually a limiting belief, an emotional conflict or an attitude of scarcity. EFT and Meridian Tapping techniques are the best tools I have found to target and neutralize these issues.

(7) What is a Limiting Belief?
A limiting belief is a thought or conviction you have about how the world works, about what’s right, or about how your life is going to work out, based on previous life experiences that you claim (and believe) are “true.” These life experiences may indeed have happened, but if you draw entire life conclusions from them, they will limit you. It’s not about the economy, it’s about your attitude, your beliefs, your confidence, and what you can attract to yourself when you clean up these limiting beliefs and vibrations. There is plenty – more than enough for everyone – and you deserve to have all that you want while you enjoy every minute of your life.

(8) What are some typical examples of limiting beliefs?
“I don’t deserve to earn more money.”
“I won’t be able to trust anyone if I’m wealthy.”
“I’m afraid I won’t be able to maintain my success”
“I’m convinced I won’t feel safe if I am prosperous.”
“It’s too difficult to be successful”

February 17, 2010

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