I know how hard this is. I know how doubt, fear and indecision get in the way. I also know how life-changing it can be to simply Take One Action Step…

Everyone has doubts and fears and most people waste time with indecision. But don’t waste any more days not taking an action step towards one of your goals.

#1) Do you know what your goal is?

#2) Do you know what action step would move you forward?

#3) Do you know what primary emotion is blocking you from taking that action step right now?

Once you have the answers to the above questions, you can start to move forward.

Go back to this list of questions… maybe you have 3 different goals you’re “working” on… that’s fine, but choose one, or you’ll never get off first base.

Maybe you have a list of action steps that you “could” take. Again, just choose one… maybe not the “double black diamond” of all steps, but choose one.

Maybe you have more than one emotion that is blocking you from taking this step. That’s ok too… but start somewhere, choose just one. Is it the fear of looking foolish? Fear of failing? Fear of not sticking with it (again?) Doubts about what you know? Doubts about whether anyone will listen to you? Doubts about whether you have the willpower?

So now…. are you ready to move forward and Take One Action Step Today?

Here is an example:

You’ve wanted to start a meditation practice for years… literally years… but you’ve never gotten started. You’ve read the research telling you meditation does all sorts of good things for your health, body and mind, but seriously, you’ve wanted to do it forever and still haven’t…

What’s your blocking emotion? Turns out it’s a kind of a self-sabotage resentment that says “I refuse to do one more thing…” So you won’t do it. It feels as if you need to “rebel” against creating a new discipline or schedule for yourself.

You followed the first 2 steps … you chose the goal, you identified the blocking emotion, now you can “clear” it with tapping (see EFT sequences below.)

Here is another example:

You’ve wanted to launch your website for a while now… and you still haven’t done it. What if it’s not perfect? What if they won’t like my picture? What if they don’t think I know what I’m talking about?

The blocking emotion is evidently fear. What is the one step today you could take that would move you closer to launching that website? Creating content? Deciding on your niche? Hiring a web guy???

Same thing – you’ve identified your dream goal, you’ve identified the blocking emotion, now you can clear the problem with EFT/Tapping and move on your way!

When you are willing to Take One Action Step Today, the universe will “hear” that you are ready to move forward, even if you make a mistake, and even if you don’t take the biggest step in front of you. This is when the universe reaches back and helps you by delivering opportunities that help you line up with the changes you want to make.

Our thoughts, feelings and behaviors carry energy…

Our vibration matters!

When you are ready to Take One Action Step Today, you will loosen the resistance in your energy field, and then like clockwork, more channels of abundance will open up to you.

When you change your vibration,
you will change your life.

Go ahead, raise your vibration
by being inspired to
Take One Action Step Today!

Below you will find EFT/Tapping setup phrases to help you be inspired to Take One Action Step Today.

EFT Setup Phrases

While tapping the karate chop point on either hand, repeat these setup phrases out loud, (or change the words to meet your situation). Then proceed to the additional phrases while tapping on the indicated points. (If you are new to EFT, please view directions.)

EFT Setup phrases for this topic are as follows:

Even though I’m afraid to make a commitment… I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.

Even though I’m letting my fear hold me back, I deeply and completely love and accept who I am and how I feel.

Even though I’m afraid to move forward, I deeply and completely love and accept all of me.

I have indicated where to tap while repeating the phrases below. You may repeat the positive phrases more than once if you wish.

** Below are the phrases that focus on the challenge **

Eyebrow: I’m so afraid to make a commitment.
Side of Eye: I’m afraid to take one step forward.
Under Eye: I didn’t know what was blocking me before.
Nose: Now I know my fear is holding me back.
Chin: My fear has always held me back…
Collarbone: What if it doesn’t work out?
Under Arm: It feels easier to stay the same.
Head: It scares me to commit to a new step.

** Here are positive phrases that focus on the solution **

Eyebrow: What if I could Take One Action Step
Side of Eye: I really want to move forward.
Under Eye: I want to want to move forward…
Nose: I feel more confident about moving forward.
Chin: What if I could really stretch myself…
Collarbone: I feel better already!
Under Arm: I am looking forward to Taking One Action Step.
Head: I am finally leaving my fears behind.

Access more positive vibrations with the Law of Attraction by repeating these phrases below – while tapping or not…

Thank you, Universe, for reminding me to Take One Action Step Today… I feel more aligned with abundance already!

Thank you, Universe, for inspiring me to Take One Action Step Today… I am looking forward to uplifting results!

Thank you, Universe, for making it so easy for me to Take One Action Step Today… I feel the vibrational shift and power already!

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Carol Look, EFT Master, Speaker, Author, Coach, and Creator of “The Yes Code”

September 1, 2016

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