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Reconnect to yourself, in any way that feels right to you.

It’s a good idea, a solid invitation, but after this outrageous year, how? (You may not have felt or viewed this year as “outrageous” but for me, it was a whopper.)

First, you need to acknowledge that you actually have been disconnected from yourself. (Some of you have not been disconnected, but you can still go into deeper connections if you’d like to.)

Then, you need to identify why (or honestly, if) and how you would like to reconnect. I want you to do it your way, not mine.

Reconnect Now

Then, I invite you to tap along with me to acknowledge both the disconnection and the opportunity for reconnection. Integration always feels better than separation.

Try filling in the blanks to complete these phrases below. I have offered some possibilities that work for me:

  • I know I’ve been disconnected from myself because… (I can’t find my joy… or … I’m not interested in taking care of myself…)
  • The upside of being disconnected has been… (it has allowed me to ignore my deepest fears… or … I wanted to feel numb…)
  • The downside of getting reconnected to myself is… (it would be painful… or… I’d have to feel emotions I’ve been avoiding all these months…)

Now for the why and how you might want to reconnect.

For example, for me, I want to reconnect because I feel more alive, and I want to embrace all of it, even the pain, because I know it deserves to be witnessed. My “how” is through Tapping, meditating, and then actively engaging with others. None of these answers are particularly right, they just work well for me.

How about you? Do you want to reconnect, and if yes, why? And if yes, how would you reconnect in a way that is gentle and forgiving and loving?

Then try this Tapping below with me, or save the sequences for a rainy day when you feel a deeper desire to reconnect to yourself.

Side of Hand: Even though I’ve been disconnected from myself and others, and I’m ready to change that, I deeply and completely love and accept myself… Even though I didn’t realize how disconnected I’ve been, I accept who I am and how I feel… Even though it feels like the right time to reconnect now, I appreciate that I needed to be accepting of where I was emotionally.

Eyebrow: I’ve been so disconnected
Side of Eye: I didn’t even realize it
Under Eye: I didn’t notice how disconnected I’ve been
Under Nose: I feel disconnected from myself
Chin: I feel disconnected from others
Collarbone: I think I’m ready to reconnect
Under Arm: I appreciate that I needed to disconnect
Head: I appreciate that I’m ready to reconnect now

If while Tapping you feel any resistance, like you don’t want to reconnect, that’s fine too. Change the wording to fit where you are emotionally.

Side of Hand: Even though I feel reluctant to reconnect, the numbness has helped me get through this year, and I accept who I am in this moment. Even though I’m not sure I want to reconnect, it’s been serving a purpose for me to be disconnected, I accept all of me.

Eyebrow: I’ve been so disconnected
Side of Eye: The truth is I’m not sure I want to reconnect yet
Under Eye: I’ve been so disconnected
Under Nose: The numbness helped me get through
Chin: I feel disconnected from myself and others
Collarbone: I might be ready to reconnect
Under Arm: But I’m going to give myself time
Head: I appreciate that I might need more time

Take a deep breath and consider where you are emotionally on this topic, and then continue with the following round if it feels right to you.

Eyebrow: I’ve been so disconnected, but I’m ready now
Side of Eye: I appreciate that I needed to disconnect
Under Eye: I accept all parts of me
Under Nose: But I’m ready now
Chin: I accept how I’ve been feeling
Collarbone: I appreciate what I needed to do to get through
Under Arm: I feel hopeful about reconnecting
Head: I appreciate how and when I’m going to reconnect.

Take another deep breath, and go ahead and be creative with the words and your own Tapping rounds, and see where you end up between connection and disconnection.

And remember, you don’t have to do it all at once.



December 9, 2020

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