It is a choice to “be with” your emotions or not. Sometimes a particular emotion might overwhelm you, and then you don’t feel as if you have a choice. But you do… you could still run from it, drink, eat or smoke over it, or pretend it’s not bothering you. There are all sorts of options besides feeling your emotions. (And don’t forget the distractions of tv, phone and computer!)

While Thanksgiving is usually my absolute favorite holiday and time to be with loved ones, I am full of sorrow this year, as I know many of you are. It is also the time of year that marks upcoming anniversaries of all of my “losses” so it’s already difficult.

I am also full of gratitude, as many of you are, and aware of all the blessings in my life. Focusing there is also a choice.

So I am on 2 tracks this week, and I have made the choice to “just be” with both of these emotional states – sorrow and gratitude.

I want to be candid and tell you how sad I feel. In addition to all the other losses I have witnessed this year, I lost a 3rd family friend last week. She had known my family for decades and those memories are priceless. And my niece had a baby boy and I can’t go visit. Like the rest of us, I won’t be having a big gathering that I love to host that usually “warms my heart” in ways that are indescribable.

I am also aware how much other people are suffering even more than I am. So I do what I can to give to them… emotionally or in any other way that might help. (And of course reaching out to others always helps me.)

Back to the zillion blessings in my life.

You are one of them. Yes, even if you don’t read this newsletter regularly, even if you don’t really know me, even if you are considering unsubscribing… you matter to me and my universe of energy. So thank you for being a part of my community.

So I am going to “just be” with my overwhelming sadness from this whole year, punctuated by the new baby and my recent loss, and also be with all my gratitude and appreciation.

They can and do co-exist. I don’t want to ignore either one.

Be With Both

Here’s a Tapping sequence that helped me:

Side of the hand: Even though I feel overwhelmed with sorrow, and my urge is to run, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway. Even though I’d rather not feel my sadness and sorrow, I accept the resistance I feel… Even though I want to ignore it, I know I deserve to be with it… and I can express my other feelings as well.

Eyebrow: I feel overwhelmed with sorrow
Side of Eye: I feel so sad, and that’s ok
Under Eye: I’m allowing myself to feel it
Under Nose: I’ve had many losses
Chin: Sometimes it feels like too much
Collarbone: But it feels freeing to just be with the sorrow
Under Arm: I appreciate that I can feel my emotions
Head: I am just going to be with my sadness

That always helps me, just being with what comes up, that’s truly the way to healing and peace. Then Tapping allows emotional content more space to be expressed.

Now I am ready to express some of the gratitude and appreciation I’ve been feeling.

Side of Hand: Even though I feel sad, I am also feeling my deep gratitude for my life, my loved ones, for nature and for my intuition… Even though I have tons of emotions all the time, I choose to recognize my gratitude and appreciation now… for nature, my life, for clarity and for the love I have been blessed to feel and receive.

Eyebrow: I feel so much gratitude, even though I feel sad too
Side of Eye: I feel so much appreciation
Under Eye: My life is often fascinating (wink)
Under Nose: I’m grateful for so much love
Chin: I appreciate so many people
Collarbone: I appreciate so many opportunities in my life
Under Arm: I even appreciate the difficult times

Eyebrow: I love so much about life
Side of Eye: I appreciate so much about my life
Under Eye: I’m grateful for so many people
Under Nose: I’m grateful for the pain as well as the joy
Chin: I have a lot to be grateful for in my life
Collarbone: Thank you, universe, for bringing me so many blessings
Under Arm: I am blessed beyond my wildest imagination, thank you!

So I am inviting you to “just be” with whatever emotions are showing up for you, painful or not, hopeful or not, happy or not.

Thank you for being there for me.

Love and hugs
Carol (P.S. Hope you like the Autumn photos…)


November 25, 2020

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