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Make a list of things you appreciate about yourself.

(Yes, I just heard your screeching brakes… but if you want to improve your abundance, I invite you to try it.)

Start thinking about, describing, and writing down all the things that you appreciate about yourself. Maybe you appreciate your best traits, or your little known traits. Maybe describe your patience, your compassion, your humor, your intellect, your loyalty, your ability to roll with challenging times, your ability to bounce back quickly. Whatever you appreciate about yourself, put it on your list. Maybe you just appreciate that you’re great at doing the laundry, or that you don’t waste time, or that you have good boundaries. Anything and everything, no matter how big or small, can go on your list.

I know I know, some of you won’t want to do this… you think it’s self-centered, a waste of time, or sadly, you don’t see, feel or sense anything to appreciate about yourself.

To help reduce your resistance to this exercise, review these 4 good reasons to do it:

Appreciating yourself will:

1. Raise your vibration and make you feel better instantly
2. Unlock a primary key to allowing abundance into your life
3. Bring the best out in others around you
4. Help you see what to appreciate in others

If any of those reasons above are appealing, definitely keep reading.

The next step is to clear your blocks to doing this simple exercise.

Try and measure the level of resistance or discomfort you feel to completing this exercise on the scale of 0-10, then proceed to the Tapping sequences below.

Side of Hand: Even though I don’t want to focus on myself, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway… Even though I don’t think I’m worth appreciating, I accept who I am and how I feel… Even though I don’t really appreciate much about me, I accept who I am and how I feel.

Eyebrow: I don’t like focusing on myself
Side of Eye: I’m not sure I appreciate anything about myself
Under Eye: I don’t like focusing on me
Under Nose: I’m afraid I don’t appreciate much anyway
Chin: What’s there to appreciate?
Collarbone: I’m always disappointed in myself
Under Arm: What’s the point of appreciating myself?
Head: I don’t see the point

OK, now take a deep breath, and see if you can measure the level of resistance to this exercise again on the 0-10 point scale. Proceed with the next round of Tapping.

Eyebrow: I still don’t want to focus on myself
Side of Eye: I’m afraid there’s not much to appreciate
Under Eye: What’s there to appreciate?
Under Nose: I don’t like myself very much
Chin: Maybe there are a few things to appreciate
Collarbone: I could consider a few small things
Under Arm: Maybe there are some small things to appreciate
Head: I’m ready to appreciate who I am on some levels

Take a deep breath, and see if the level of resistance continues to decline, then complete this final Tapping round.

Eyebrow: I appreciate a few small things about myself
Side of Eye: I like some things about me
Under Eye: I’m willing to write a list
Under Nose: I’m not that bad
Chin: I want to appreciate who I am
Collarbone: I do appreciate a few things
Under Arm: I am worth appreciating
Head: We all are worth appreciating

Great, now you are ready to write that list about yourself! Make it a long one…




September 16, 2020

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