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Life presents all of us with conflicted emotions, challenges, and upsets. Life also presents us with tools to help us feel better, go deeper, and accept ourselves and others.

If you could allow yourself to simply let it out, then you don’t have to keep it in, which is a primary source of unhealthy patterning that shows up as emotional, physical and spiritual disruption.

Let It Out

Please notice that let it out is very different than the common recommendation to let it go. People love to use that phrase, just let it go, and they encourage us to move on, even get over it, but what if you’re not ready to let something go? What if you’re still knee-deep “in” the conflict, and aren’t in an emotional space to let anything go yet?

Let it out is a simple, even obvious exercise for emotional health, but there are usually blocks, beliefs, or habits that get in the way, so we end up keeping our conflicts inside.

Maybe you were taught that you should never let your feelings out, so it’s a bad habit or even a vow you made from your upbringing. You probably don’t question it much, you just don’t do it, because you’re not supposed to do it.

Maybe you don’t know how to let your emotions out… if you never saw it modeled for you, and aren’t accustomed to doing it, you won’t be able to repeat the behavior.

Maybe you don’t know when or where to let out your emotions, so you continue to suppress them instead so you don’t rock somebody else’s boat.

See if you can measure the level of discomfort you feel about letting your emotions out on the 0-10 point scale, then follow the Tapping sequences below.

Side of Hand: Even though I was taught to keep my feelings in, I accept who I am and how I feel… Even though I’m afraid to let my feelings out, I accept who I am and that I’m open to learning how to express myself… Even though I don’t know where or when I should let my feelings out, I accept that I’m willing to try.

Eyebrow: I was taught to keep my feelings inside
Side of Eye: I’m afraid to let them out
Under Eye: I don’t like letting them out
Under Nose: I don’t know how to let them out
Chin: I don’t know when or where to let them out
Collarbone: So I keep everything inside instead
Under Arm: It’s easier just staying this way
Head: I’m afraid to let them out

Go ahead and take a deep breath, and measure the your resistance again on the 0-10 point scale to see what’s shifted, then proceed with the next round of Tapping.

Eyebrow: I’m not used to letting my emotions out
Side of Eye: But I will consider letting them out
Under Eye: I’m afraid to, and I don’t know how to either
Under Nose: But I’m willing to try
Chin: I want to be able to express my feelings
Collarbone: I will consider letting them out
Under Arm: I’m ready to release my conflicted emotions
Head: I’m ready to do it differently

Take a deep breath, and continue Tapping on your own to release your pent up emotions. You’ll thank yourself for the relief.


October 6, 2020

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