Tapping is a tool that can be applied to a wide variety of physical and emotional issues. Here are some commonly asked questions about EFT.

Q: What Is EFT Tapping?

EFT is a form of “psychological acupuncture” that uses light tapping with your fingertips (instead of inserting needles) to stimulate traditional Chinese acupuncture points. Tapping on these designated points on the face and body is combined with verbalizing the identified problem (or “target”) followed by a general affirmation phrase.

Q: Why Does it Work?

A: Combining these ingredients of the EFT technique – the Tapping on acupuncture points and stating the target clearly - calms down the fight or flight response in the brain, relieving emotional stress. Calming down the stress response allows the body and mind to resume their natural healing abilities.

Q: Is EFT Tapping safe?

A: EFT is safe, easy to apply, and is non-invasive.  There are no known negative side effects.  Unlike pills or surgery or difficult medical procedures, EFT is very easy to learn how to do and is non-invasive. And most importantly, it can be self-applied.

Q: Where do I begin?
Here is where you will find links to my EFT Resources: Learn the basics of EFT Tapping

Q: Is EFT like meditation?

A: EFT is not meditation. While meditation is sitting in stillness and focusing either on your breathing or a special phrase of your choosing, EFT requires that you actively engage in the protocol, using your fingertips and choosing the right wording for you. You may, however, enjoy imagining yourself using EFT Tapping on yourself while in a meditative state. I highly recommend that you add EFT to your toolbox of self-care tools.

Q: Has research been done on the efficacy of EFT?

A: Yes, there are hundreds of studies on the efficacy of EFT for numerous emotional challenges, most notably, anxiety, stress, cravings, and PTSD.

Q: Is EFT Effective for Emotional Trauma/ PTSD?

A: EFT has been shown to be incredibly effective for PTSD. It is “aimed” at the series of negative memories and the cycle of symptoms that accompany someone with PTSD. However, we all tend to be afraid to address our unique traumas, so we highly recommend seeking support from a qualified Mental Health Care Practitioner if you are suffering from PTSD.

Q: Is EFT Effective for Anxiety/ Panic/ Phobias?

A: The first successful case using Tapping was for someone who had a strong phobia of water. (Her psychologist, Dr. Roger Callahan used the original Tapping method called TFT which he created.)  There are hundreds of successful cases reported for using EFT for extreme fears, anxiety, and panic attacks.

Q: Is EFT Effective for Stress Relief?

A: In our busy lives, we all need stress relief, and yes, EFT is extremely helpful if you feel you are struggling with a lot of stress in your life. The EFT Tapping will address your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and reactions to your environment and what is causing you stress, calming down the fight or flight response in your brain.

Q: Is EFT Effective for Insomnia?

A: Yes, EFT has been shown to be effective for Insomnia.  Disturbed sleep patterns come from numerous challenges – being anxious over specific work or home situations, not being able to “close down” after your day, and even childhood traumas that may be keeping you up at night.

Q: IS EFT effective for Weight Loss?

A: Yes, because we are targeting the typical challenges people have to confront when losing weight.  The research has shown significant reduction in cravings when using EFT Tapping. We also target frustration about plateaus, and feelings of fear of failure, fear of success, deprivation, and fear of feeling unsafe without the extra “protection” from the weight.

Q: Can I treat myself?

 A: Absolutely! This is why I created so many books and programs on a variety of topics. If you choose a clear target and follow the basic protocol, you are likely to get satisfying and long-lasting results. Many people also find it beneficial to consult EFT practitioners for the objectivity and experience that will likely ensure successful treatment.

Q: Is EFT Tapping safe for everyone? Are there any contraindications?

The research so far has indicated there are no contraindications to using EFT Tapping. To date, minimal side effects have been reported other than occasional temporary fatigue after big releases of energy. However, this does not mean that you will not experience adverse side effects. If you do, please consult a professional EFT practitioner for professional application of these techniques.  In the case of severe diagnosed mental illness, we always recommend consulting a skilled EFT Practitioner.

Q: Is there anything that prevents EFT Tapping from working?
Occasionally, people do not choose a clear “target” and so the wording is not accurate or effective.  Usually, when EFT appears to not be working, additional aspects or angles of the problem need to be addressed with EFT first.

Q: Can I use EFT Tapping for symptom relief of an illness that has lasted decades or is an inherited condition?
If you have a medical condition, please consult a physician.  As an adjunct treatment, applying EFT and variations of Meridian Tapping have been used successfully to alleviate symptoms regardless of duration, etiology, or family history.   We recommend that you target the pent-up emotional conflicts that you suspect might be contributing to your condition, and record any results you have.

Q: How long does EFT “treatment” last?
It is difficult to predict this outcome, however, indications are that long-lasting results are routine when using EFT Tapping appropriately. If you successfully treat the core emotional problem, you will likely enjoy long term relief Again, this means that your “targets” need to be clear and unique for each individual.

Q: How long will it take to be successful?

Some symptoms, like certain phobias or issues connected to single events, have been shown to clear in one round of EFT. However, complex issues can consist of several smaller interrelated problems that must first be treated before healing can occur. Be persistent and patient. EFT practitioners should be consulted for complicated issues such as PTSD and your physician should be a part of any treatment that involves medical-related issues. It’s always hard to predict how many sessions you will need to clear an emotional challenge that is driving your anxiety.  We intend to make the length of treatment as short as possible, yet as long as necessary.  Practitioners aim for lasting results.

Q: Can EFT Tapping be used for children?

Yes, practitioners are using EFT Tapping for school-aged children all over the world. The language, however, needs to be tailored to the child’s age.

Q. How can I learn more from Carol about Tapping?

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