A skeptic uses EFT for burn relief

By Carol Look, EFT Master

“Sara” burned her finger very badly by touching a metal pot in which she had been boiling vegetables. She said she heard her finger “sizzle” and she physically shuddered from the pain. She immediately applied ice to her finger, but was shocked by the severity of the burning feeling which persisted in spite of the ice. I had taught her EFT for anxiety issues, so she knew the routine. However she was still a little skeptical and reluctant to try it on herself, BY herself. Feeling desperate, she decided to tap anyway or the burn pain.

Sara reported that when she removed the ice from her finger, her finger throbbed terribly, so she began tapping with basic setup phrases and went through several EFT rounds very quickly.

“Even though I have this throbbing in my finger, I deeply love and accept myself.”

“Even though I have this intense pain from the burn…”

“Even though my finger might blister…”

“Even though my finger hurts…”

“Even though I’m mad at myself for being careless again…”

Sara reported feeling greatly relieved from the throbbing and pain immediately after using EFT on herself. She continued to apply the ice for the next half-hour but, based on previous experiences of burning her fingers in the kitchen and applying ice as the only remedy, she didn’t expect that much relief. She anticipated that her finger would still hurt or throb later in the evening, feel tender and sore at night and eventually blister the following morning.

Sara was amazed to find herself free of pain that evening. She wasn’t even mildly distracted from leftover sensations from the burn. The following morning she reported she was able to grab onto the holding bar of the treadmill during her workout, because she basically “forgot” she had injured herself in the kitchen. Her finger did not feel sore or tender and never blistered or even looked as if the skin had been hurt.

Sara is no longer reluctant to try EFT on herself. However, illustrating The APEX Effect, she said, “maybe it was just the ice…” While Sara admitted that ice alone had NEVER given her this kind of relief from a burn before, she still didn’t feel entirely comfortable attributing her speedy recovery to EFT. She did remark, however, that based on her initial physiological response to touching the metal pan, she thought it was one of the most severe burns she had ever gotten while cooking.

While a finger burn in the kitchen isn’t very serious compared to other injuries, this case demonstrates EFT’s efficiency with pain control. Sara said that despite her continued skepticism, she will continue to experiment with EFT.

November 21, 2008

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