Why do you need to procrastinate? Because you’re afraid of something…

Maybe you’re afraid to stand out, or afraid to be visible, so holding yourself back protects you from feeling exposed.

When you identify what you’re afraid of, you’ll find out what you’re trying to avoid.

Maybe you’re trying to avoid being “seen” so you don’t get rejected, judged, or criticized… your procrastination prevents you from facing this risk.

When you realize what you’re afraid of and trying to avoid, you’ll understand why you feel the “need” to procrastinate. I know it sounds odd, but procrastination “solves” a problem for you.

When you have a fear of being criticized, or being visible, or you’re afraid you might fail, your mind searches for a good solution. And the solution is… (drum roll please) procrastination!

So when you connect the dots and see that your procrastination is solving a problem for you, you can finally find a way to release the original fear.

And then you can let go of this behavior once and for all.

Yes, I said you won’t need to procrastinate anymore… because you’ll be able to solve this problem by releasing the fear.

Try this EFT/ Tapping sequence.

Karate Chop Point (Tap here while repeating the setup phrase 3 times): Even though Im afraid to stand out and be visible, so I procrastinate to protect myself, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.

Eyebrow: I’m afraid to stand out and be visible
Side of Eye: I don’t want to be seen, so I procrastinate
Under Eye: I don’t want to be visible, I might be criticized
Nose: When I procrastinate, I don’t have to be seen
Chin: Procrastination helps me hide
Collarbone: I don’t want to be judged and criticized if I’m visible
Under Arm: I want to protect myself from criticism
Head: I really want to hide and procrastination helps me

Now try this follow-up sequence:

Eyebrow: This fear of being criticized goes really deep
Side of Eye: I have always been afraid of being visible
Under Eye: What if they criticize me
Nose: Maybe it’s not so bad being visible
Chin: Maybe I don’t need to hide anymore
Collarbone: I don’t have to be so invisible any more
Under Arm: I am able to take care of myself now
Head: I choose to heal my fear and move forward


April 28, 2018

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