Are you afraid to be clear?  I was. Because I absolutely knew, in every bone in my body, that being really clear would move me forward in ways I couldn’t even imagine – personally and professionally – and frankly, I was afraid of that.

I know, I know, I kept saying that I wanted to make good decisions easily and be more successful, but there were some significant “yes, buts” I had been ignoring.

So why are you afraid to be clear?

I know, it’s odd, right? You invest time and money trying to get clear, trying to make the right decisions in your personal and professional life, and then it turns out you’re actually afraid to be clear and that you are the one getting in your own way!

Are you one of those people who is afraid of success? (Because, trust me, being clear will definitely make you much more successful!)

Maybe you’re one of those people who is afraid that once you’re clear, you’ll feel compelled to make a big change, and that’s too scary to you.

Maybe you are afraid that your clarity will “rock the boat” in one of your personal or professional relationships. (It usually does…)

Maybe you’re afraid that “they” will be upset with you when you are clear… and you’ll have to deal with their reactions.

To find out why you keep avoiding clarity, ask yourself this key question, and then I’ll lead you through some EFT/ Tapping to clear this fear…

Here’s the key question:

What is the downside of being clear? Try filling in the blank: Im afraid to be clear because if I am, then. _____________________.

What’s the first answer that comes to you when you ask this question. “They” will be upset? You will have to make a big change? You might feel compelled to leave a job or a relationship?  Get clear on why being clear feels so scary to you… then get tapping!

Karate chop point: (Tap here while you repeat this setup phrase 3 times): Even though Im afraid to be clear because Im worried about their reaction, I deeply and completely live and accept myself

Eyebrow: I’m afraid to be clear
Side of Eye: No wonder I’m stuck
Under Eye: I’m so worried about “their” reactions
Nose: What if my clarity rocks the boat?
Chin: I’d rather stay under the radar
Collarbone: I know my clarity will make me too visible
Under Arm: I’m afraid to be clear
Head: I’d rather hide from the attention

Complete the above tapping round for yourself, and if the words don’t resonate for you, change them! (And by all means, keep tapping.)


April 22, 2018

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