I used to say I wanted more peace of mind. I would often claim I wanted to receive “guidance” and I would tell people that I wanted to be clearer and more happy with the decisions I made in my busy life. But then I didn’t create space for stillness and quiet during the day… hmmm, quite curious.

Stillness is where it all happens – not in the asking, praying, hoping or pushing – but in creating the space and silence for receiving answers, insights, and impulses.

I was resistant for years about creating space for stillness on a consistent basis.  I’m not sure why, but finally, I decided to make this part of my daily plan, rain or shine.  I’ve been taking between 15-20 minutes to meditate and be still and quiet every day for years now, and I can absolutely say that I’m better off emotionally, physically, and energetically.

How about you? You’ve read about it, you hear about the research on meditation, and yet you’re still resistant too… what’s up with that?

People tell me a few key excuses:

(1) they don’t expect the benefits to be worth it
(2) they don’t have the time for it
(3) they are afraid of what emotions might “surface” if they are still and quiet

Ask yourself why you avoid being still.

Ask yourself what “excuses” you use that get in the way of being still.

Ask yourself why you put yourself last… see what answers you get and you can plug those into the tapping sequences below (if my specific words don’t fit).

Let’s try EFT/tapping on resistance to being still and quiet.

Karate chop point: Even though I dont know if being still is worth it, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.  Even though I never have enough time to be still, I accept who I am and how I feel. Even though Im afraid of what I might feel if become still, I accept who I am and how I feel.

Eyebrow: I’m not sure being still will be worth it
Side of Eye: I always forget to be still
Under Eye: It’s very easy to forget this practice
Nose: I’m afraid of feelings that might surface
Chin: I’m too busy to be still
Collarbone: I’m afraid I won’t like what I feel
Under Arm: I’m not sure it’s worth it
Head: I want to want to take the time to be still

Repeat these follow-up phrases while you continue tapping on the points.

Eyebrow: I am resistant to being still and quiet
Side of Eye: But I choose to be inspired now
Under Eye: I want to want to be still and quiet
Nose: I want to honor the time to be still
Chin: I want to feel inspired to be quiet
Collarbone: I’m open to being still and quiet every day
Under Arm: I appreciate how much it could improve my life
Head: I’m ready to do it for me

I invite you to be consistent with taking time to be still and quiet every day.

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June 20, 2018

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