I used to squeeze too many projects into my life.

I used to get overwhelmed easily.

I used to get stressed out quickly (in a millisecond…)

I used to take care of others at the expense of my self-care.

Since I learned how to clear my fear of my next yes, I have left most of those behaviors and reactions in the past.  What a relief.

What if you could keep it really simple and actually stay present, live in the moment, plan only what is necessary, and enjoy your life even more than you already do?  (Yes, this is possible, even if you have little ones, pets, loved ones, or a boss…)

Imagine being so clear and present, that you take each next step based on your “yes” rather than on a “should” or “they want me to.”

There are many challenges to living this way. Maybe you’re way too busy, or you have trouble saying no.  Maybe you’re worried about “their” reactions, or maybe you’re simply afraid to be clear about your yes!

I’m eager to help you clear this fear about your yes, since clearing my own fear about my next yes changed my life immeasurably.

Think about what might be scary about being clear about your “yes”? Here are some of the reasons I’ve heard from clients: 

  • What if I don’t like the “yes” that I hear?
  • What if my “yes” means I have to make a big change?
  • What if I don’t know what my “yes” truly feels like?
  • What if I’m clear about my “yes” and they don’t like it?

Even if you have other reasons to be afraid to be clear about your next yes, please use these tapping sequences below to clear the path to living one yes at a time.

When you do, your life will fall into place, make more sense, and feel more peaceful. Trust me, I’ve lived both ways – with chaos and with peace. I’d so much rather live from clarity and “from” my yes.

EFT/ Tapping Sequences Below:

Side of the Hand: Even though I’m afraid to be clear about my yes, I accept who I am and how I feel. Even though I’m afraid of my power if I tune into my yes I accept who I am and how I feel. Even though I’m tired of ignoring my yes out of fear, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.

Eyebrow: I’m afraid to be clear about my yes
Side of Eye: I’ve always been afraid to be really clear
Under Eye: I’m afraid that clarity will compel me to act
Nose: I’ve been running away from my clarity
Chin: I feel afraid of getting clear about my yes
Collarbone: I’m sure I’m afraid of my power
Under Arm: I’m afraid of my yes
Head: I don’t know how to be clear

Repeat these positive follow-up phrases while you continue tapping on the points.

Eyebrow: I want to live from my yes
Side of Eye: I choose to be clear and enjoy it
Under Eye: I deserve to be clear about my yes
Nose: I love knowing I can live with more peace
Chin: I want to be clear about my yes
Collarbone: I’m feeling clearer already
Under Arm: I appreciate my clarity
Head: I choose to be clear about my next yes

Learn how to clear your fear of your next yes, and you’ll feel the improvement in your vibration instantly.

Keep tapping!


March 26, 2019

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