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No matter what you’re feeling or going through, you will become more peaceful and grounded if you can just be with your feelings … one emotion at a time. Yes it will take practice, but the rewards will be enormous – tranquility, peace of mind, stability, stillness, stamina, less reactivity, more patience – the list goes on and on.

This is the primary principle of the mindfulness movement – just notice what you feel and then allow it to just be, no matter how uncomfortable you are.

Feeling uncertain and frustrated? Just be with it… stop fighting.

Feeling irritated and impatient? Just be with it… own it… explore it.

Feeling hurt or resentful? Just acknowledge, accept and be with it.

What better tool to help us to just be with our emotions than Tapping? Tapping invites you to just be with any emotion you are feeling in the moment. Tapping supports you to “deeply and completely” love and accept yourself anyway… no matter how horrible you feel, and no matter how horrible it feels to feel horrible!

We were all urged to just call Tapping a tool when we started our practices. But I have seen such outrageous transformations in my life and my clients’ lives, I would say Tapping is one of those simple tools that is outrageously underrated.

So while Tapping isn’t a way of life, learning how to just “be with” your emotions is a way of being in life that will benefit you and everyone in your orbit.

So what’s the big deal – why can’t we just “be” with our emotions when they surface?

  • Maybe you don’t feel safe whenever you feel a strong emotion.
  • Maybe you’re accustomed to denying the truth of what you feel.
  • Maybe you were trained to mistrust your emotions.

The good news is that no matter how uncomfortable your emotions are, you can learn how to just be with them… one feeling at a time.

Try out these Tapping sequences below:

Side of Hand: Even though I’m afraid to be with my feelings, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway… Even though I’m afraid to just “be” with my emotions, I deeply and completely love and accept myself now… Even though I’ve always resisted feeling my uncomfortable emotions, I accept who I am and how I feel about all of this!

Eyebrow: I’m afraid to be with my emotions
Side of Eye: They really scare me
Under Eye: I’m afraid of my emotions
Nose: They feel too intense
Chin: I’m afraid of their meaning
Collarbone: I’m afraid I can’t handle them
Under Arm: I’m afraid I’ll never recover from them
Head: I’m afraid of the truth of them

Take a deep breath… and keep Tapping:

Eyebrow: My strong emotions scare me
Side of Eye: I’ve never liked my strong emotions
Under Eye: It feels like I can’t handle them
Nose: They’re overwhelming
Chin: What if I can’t handle them?
Collarbone: What if I can’t deal with them?
Under Arm: I want to be able to handle my emotions
Head: I want to be able to acknowledge my emotions

Take another deep breath, and try these more encouraging phrases below:

Eyebrow: I choose to feel my uncomfortable emotions
Side of Eye: I’m ready to just be with my feelings
Under Eye: I’m ready to just be with whatever I feel
Nose: I know I can handle it
Chin: I’m happy I can handle anything I feel
Collarbone: It makes me feel calmer
Under Arm: I appreciate all my emotions
Head: Even the ones I don’t appreciate

Enjoy just being with whatever you feel. You’ll thank yourself later…



May 4, 2020

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