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I’m sure you have noticed many of your emotional reactions to this challenging time. Maybe you’ve been surprised by some of your feelings, or repulsed by some of your reactions, or shocked, or even puzzled. Regardless of what you are going through specifically, when you are under duress, the slight cracks in your emotional foundation start to show up as unusual or amplified reactions.

Use your reactions as a compass… let them tell you where you need to go for more healing. I encourage you to notice these places and spaces that need your attention, and continue to love yourself anyway.

Maybe you’re really good at handling the unknown, but when there’s too much pressure, you notice you have some curious reactions.

Maybe you react well under pressure, but long pauses without answers about your immediate future drive you a little nuts.

Maybe you’re good at comforting others, but when it comes to yourself, you resort to all the old responses you thought you had left behind. (There’s nothing like intense stress to retrigger us into outdated reactions.)

No matter what you notice in your emotional, physical or energetic reactions, I invite you to appreciate all of them.

Simply notice your impatience, and appreciate it. It’s telling you where you need to do more emotional work.

Simply notice your anger, your frustration, your indignance, your agitation, your anxiety and your fear. Notice and appreciate… notice and appreciate. You will certainly have an easier time managing this time if you notice and appreciate your reactions, rather than deny and criticize yourself (or others) for what has surfaced.

Try these EFT/Tapping sequences:

Side of the hand: Even though I don’t like my reactions, they scare and embarrass me, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself. Even though I don’t like my reactions to what’s going on, I choose to accept my feelings anyway. Even though I’m having a hard time accepting my surprising reactions, I deeply and profoundly love and accept all of me, no matter what.

Eyebrow: I don’t like how I’m being triggered
Side of Eye: I don’t like why I’m being triggered
Under Eye: I don’t like my reactions at all
Under Nose: I’m embarrassed by some of my reactions
Chin: I want to accept my feelings
Collarbone: I wish I could accept my emotional reactions
Under Arm: I don’t appreciate what I’m feeling… (yet)
Head: I certainly don’t appreciate any of my reactions

Take a deep breath…

Then continue with these next Tapping sequences and notice how you feel.

Eyebrow: I can’t believe how uneven my reactions are
Side of Eye: I really don’t like them
Under Eye: But I’m ready to appreciate myself
Under Nose: I choose to appreciate my surprising reactions
Chin: I choose to appreciate how I’m reacting
Collarbone: I love noticing what’s going on inside of me
Under Arm: I love being more appreciative of my feelings
Head: I love being present to my feelings and reactions

Take another deep breath… and continue.

Eyebrow: I still don’t like how I’m being triggered
Side of Eye: But at least I’m accepting my feelings
Under Eye: I choose to appreciate my reactions
Under Nose: I appreciate that I’m being triggered
Chin: I appreciate those places that need more support
Collarbone: I love noticing my emotional reactions
Under Arm: I appreciate accepting my reactions
Head: I’m grateful for all my reactions

Deep breath…



April 21, 2020

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