#1) I’ve been doing EFT/LOA with all the suggested gratitude/ appreciation exercises and videos for 2 years now, and I’m still 50lbs. overweight…I started gradually cutting out the sugar and all the junk and I put myself in a food friendly vibrational place before I eat. I feel pretty good now compared to the very dark place I was in not to long ago…taptaptaptaptaptap. I do not overeat nor do I feel it’s emotional eating…I’ve addressed the once very skinny lonely child… I exercise several times a week… what am I missing? Thankful…grateful… –Debi

#2) I’m a nurse and have been changed from working day shift to working night shift. I’m an early bird, not a night owl, and my body is having a LOT of difficulty with the transition. Could you put your special touch on some verbiage to aid in getting through the shift without extraordinary fatigue, then in getting maximum rest and rejuvenation when I sleep? I thank you, and my patients thank you! –Nancy

#3) Hi Carol, I am a zombie, I think sometimes. I “live” my mother’s life with all the illnesses that she had. I cannot avoid her destiny, even though I tapped and tapped for having her DNA in me. In the end she died from cancer. (And I have tapped and tapped for fear and so on)… Kind regards –Lene in Denmark, EFTpractitioner.

#4) I am a 53-year-old woman who put on 150 lbs early in my marriage and it’s stayed there no matter what I do. My husband forced himself on me sexually for two decades before I found EFT and put a stop to it. I worked with an EFT professional and resolved many, many underlying issues before being able to deal with my weight. Against amazing odds, and my husband’s willingness to also receive help with EFT, we stayed together and have rekindled our love, based on trust and respect. Now it’s time for me to deal with my weight, but I am afraid to let go of the fat that I used as protection all those years. It’s an irrational fear – the threat is no longer there. But how can I know it’s safe to let it go? My head tells me I’m ready, but I’m afraid the inner me who has protected me all these years will resist letting go. Can you help? –Anne

#5) Hi Carol, How can you use tapping for weight loss when I don’t overeat, I eat healthy – though I do binge now and then. I don’t eat enough generally. I have gained weight since I started my job 6yrs ago. I have done a lot of tapping and had good results on the work issues, however I am still unable to lose the lbs. I believe that weight loss has to be hard and maintaining it even harder. Any suggestions I just can’t find that ‘a-ha.’ Thank you! –Charlene

#6) Hi Carol, How can I feel good about quitting smoking? I want to quit but when I quit I panic and millions of fears come up. Tapping doesn’t help on this issue and fear doesn’t go away until I smoke and then a whole set of new fears flood. Tapping helps in so many other areas but not smoking. Thanks, –Lindsay

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March 14, 2010

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