#1) Hi Carol, My question is regarding acne, having suffered with teenage acne which eventually cleared in my late 20’s now in my 30’s, I have begun getting nodular/cystic acne which are very deep rooted and they cause me great annoyance! This started in May last year on the first day of my holiday! I have tapped on a range of issues that were happening around that time and yet they get worse and more frequent, something is clearly ‘under my skin’ any ideas would be great. Many Thanks, –Charlene

#2) I am an EFT practitioner for the last eleven years. I am stuck now myself. I want to find, meet, or be introduced to a male loving partner. I don’t know what to say: Even though I don’t have or can’t find, or what???? I feel in a blah about this. Help me! Be well and heal-thy!

#3) Betrayal: This is a pattern I recognise appearing throughout my life, mostly with men, certainly with my ex-husband, and on occasion with the odd girl-friend. (inner circle)

Anger: I’m one of those people that come roaring out of one’s cave. I am hugely emotional and lose my vocabulary as I am so affected by the reason that I became angry!

I have tried to deal with this anger over the years with other therapies. Tapping has helped a lot but not totally. Not sure if the anger follows the betrayal?

Some start up phrases would be really good to begin with… thanks Carol. –Vikki

#4) How do I use EFT to gain confidence and calm my nerves when competing in sports? –Saundra

#5) I have a teenage daughter who I am having a lot of problems with and feel like I am losing her. I feel I am losing control with her. I surrogate tap but it isn’t working, I feel I need to tap on me!! Where do I start? I am constantly crying and wondering where I have gone wrong with her. –Julie

#6) I believe I understand how tapping negative emotions as a result of a ‘tail ender’ can eliminate the emotion, or say tapping on a negative belief involved in a tail ender; however, what if my affirmation is “I enjoy helping my 10 new clients,” or “I am enjoying my beautiful new home.” In other words something concrete and out of my control (I can’t make 10 clients call me) and tapping on it doesn’t make me believe it more. Can you speak to that? Thank you. –Beverly

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April 25, 2010

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