#1) I have “an acid tongue”. I can be incredibly rude and short with people who I (wrongly) judge as stupid and incompetent (mostly at work). It’s a reflection of what I think of myself, but will all the tapping, I can’t seem get to the point where I’m kind to others or myself. I just want to be a nice, compassionate person. Cheers, –Amanda

#2) How many hours/minutes a day should you tap? Sometimes when I tap for a view hours, I feel weary the next day and have a sense of loss. Did I overdosed? Thank you, and keep up the good work. –Lucius

#3) I can’t stop eating bread with the butter. What to tap on… Thank you so much, –Sylvia

#4) I use your past newsletters all the time to tap on issues. They are just fantastic! My issue that I would like answered is this: I have been trying to get pregnant for 3 years with no success as yet. I have had all kinds of fertility treatment. I am sure EFT can help me with this issue, but I am not sure where to start with the phrases. For example, should I assume there is a block, or start on something more general. Any help you can provide would be so gratefully received. Thanks so much. –Justine

#5) Practitioner – “Susan” — Sometimes I may be taking too much responsibility for helping my clients with the law of attraction. I feel like I have to help them find abundance. Any suggestions for tapping? I would like to clear this and feel calm and grounded even if I’m not getting my own intuitive guidance on how to help them.

#6) In your EFT teachings you talk about getting to the “feeling” and asking what is the “charge”. What do you do if you are numb? I am a combat veteran from OEF/OIF and I find that I don’t really feel much of anything (positive or negative) since my return in 2003. When an event happens I “act” accordingly but I don’t really “feel” anything. How do I get to the feeling without being overwhelmed with emotion? What happens if I can’t find the beginning and I get stuck? Thanks for doing this Carol…for letting us ask. You are a blessing. My best, –“Elaine”

#7) If a person experiences very negative emotions, such as jealousy, hatred, resentment, once these have been cleaned out with EFT, what would the positive statement sound like ? With many thanks, –Mariam

#8) I’ve looked at my life and realize I’ve held myself back in so many ways partly from confidence issues, but a common thread is internal verbalization is telling myself I just CANT do something. I don’t know the real reason why I do this but know that part of me does not want change in my life. I of course, have had lots of change but its like part of me does not want me to consciously make the changes I want to.

Tapping works on emotions but a lot of the time when tapping on something like being nervous before a lecture (tapping some days before) I don’t have any strong feeling to neutralize, Its just a statement I’m saying to myself with no strong resonance despite the fact that when I’m in the position its very uncomfortable.

So its really two questions, how should I proceed when I don’t have any strong feeling to tap on (no suds ) and, what should I tap on that’s not too global to release the “I can’t, don’t want to change feeling”? Many thanks, –Alex

#9) Hello! I wonder – what does it mean to be chronically or “massively” reversed, and what can be done about it? Thank you. –Lynn

#10) How do you get over the fear of getting in trouble for anything I do, then being rejected for not doing what other people want? This block keeps me from earning money, asking for things I would love & need, etc. But I am too afraid of being yelled at and being ignored and rejected. Any help would be greatly appreciated so I can move forward in life. Warmly, –CK

#11) I’m a new EFT Practitioner, and have had exceptional results for my clients and myself with this amazing tool. I was able to completely stop my 25 hot flashes a day with EFT last winter, by tapping on things like “fear of aging”, “closer to death”, “no longer a complete woman”, etc. When my mom died in March, they came back with a vengeance, and nothing I’ve tried will stop them. Do you have any ideas for me? Many thanks, –Kristy in Colorado

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November 2, 2009

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