#1) I’m so used to LOA and ONLY focusing on what I WANT that when I use EFT and am tapping all the ‘negative’ aspects of a problem, I can’t help but feel like it’s damaging in some way because I’m sending all this negative stuff out into the Universe and it will come back to me ‘bigger’! Yikes!

Is it ok just to tap what I DO want or do I absolutely HAVE TO tap on all the negative aspects too? –B. H.

#2) Are there any testimonials that EFT can ‘cure’ cancer. I imagine it can be useful with the emotions/symptoms as a result of a cancer diagnosis AND even alleviate stresses that may have contributed to cancer BUT do you know of anyone that has used it to successfully cure cancer AND do you have any recommendations for ‘scripts’ for this specific issue? Thanks for all you do, –B. H.

#3) I have struggled with hot flashes and trouble sleeping at night because I get so warm. I find I am tired during the day more lately. How can I use EFT to alleviate this? Thank you in advance. –Carol M

#4) Hello! My question is; How do I release lingering sadness and unanswered questions regarding an abrupt unexplained break-up with my fiance of a year and a half? I have nightmares and can’t seem to forgive or forget. I got no answers or closure and was simply told that he loved me but was no longer “in love with me”. As yukkie as this sounds I still can’t seem to come to reckoning with the shock of it. I know better than to have this as part of my reality yet it seems to have a “mind of it’s own” and haunts me. Thanks. –Petra

#5) I’m a big fan of all that you do and the positive way in which you inspire everybody! What is the best way to move forward when you have a partner that is lagging behind and pulling down on your energy? Regards –Anita in Australia

#6) Hello Ms. Angel face, I Hope you remember me from the PTSD week. I am always grateful for all that you taught us. It has been 18 months and i still haven’t had a single flashback nightmare, or even a panic attack. If I find myself with anxious thoughts or feelings I use the choices method (I CHOOSE TO FEEL CALM AND RELAXED).

I do have a question… I try to tap everyday. Imagine a patient who has resolved major childhood trauma, adult nastiness as well, ME! But his past spring my moms dementia reached a critical stage prior to her blessed departure from pain. I put aside my anger over her emotional abandonment (when I was a child) and worked with the rest of the family to keep her home.

#7) For about 5 months every day was horrible with all the same put downs from childhood steeped with new painful betrayals. I enjoyed Emotional freedom, then when I undertook the care of the toxic parent for a prolonged period, BOOM! I tried to keep tapping, but everyday was a new assault. It got so bad that her last month I totally shut down, refused to be part of her care. Knowing I needed to take care of me. As sick as she was she still chose to inflict only me with her cruelty. Now the rest of the family speaks of her as the Saint they loved while I’m back to being ‘The sister who wouldn’t even deal with Ma while she was dying!’ Any pearls of wisdom? With profound love, Thanks –EFT4MeDebi

#8) How can one use EFT to find out what one’s true life purpose is, to sort out among many conflicting possibilities, to choose the proper goals too. Thank you very much. –Mariam

#9) I need advice on tapping by myself (without a practitioner) on the following: Fear, ADHD and the side effects like depression. Is there such thing as internet cam to cam EFT? Thanking You in Advance, –GEORGE

#10) Great site and information… Question, would like a guideline for tapping for young Teens regarding self esteem, fitting in, etc. Cheers and keep up the good work. –Guns (Gunars)

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October 5, 2009

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