#1) From an advanced tapping practitioner “Katherine”:

I have 2 clients with severe pain who are really doing great work. They are willing to look at large traumas and are clearing them. They are tapping regularly and do experience relief from pain (from 8-10 to 0-2) for several hours or days. The pain keeps returning, with some variations. Is there any way to help them convince their bodies that the pain is not necessary? That they will listen and process whatever needs attention? They would much rather not be in intense pain for months longer, if there is another way.

#2) If a person is burdened with issues, all kind of issues : weight loss, self-esteem, procrastination, money, relationships, and it goes on and on, where does she start with EFT ? The whole thing seems like a huge mountain and if everything appears to be equally important, what do you tackle first ?Many thanks for your answer and your beautiful work. –Mariam

#3) Some things I tap on seem to have almost immediate results and some things seem to be working so much slower? is there a way to speed it up? Warmly, –Dr. Letitia

#4) I’m hoping to close the gap on my progress towards total health and having another healthy pregnancy, and I have used your EFT for Eyesight and Attracting Abundance w/EFT for several months now. I recently purchased your Pain Free with EFT to see what I’m missing. In the meantime, could you please respond to the fact that I get results without having to tap on a specific situation (that I’m aware of, of course)? To the best of my understanding, tapping on the feeling seems more important than the exact details of a situation. Thank you for this opportunity to ask. –Bethe

#5) I have a question about how the law of attraction responds to people who are always looking for a sale or a bargain. I love getting things on sale. I always try to get a deal or buy something on sale. I know people who absolutely refuse to buy anything unless it’s on sale. Does this limit the amount of abundance one gets by this type of thinking?Thanks, — Donna

#6) I am currently looking for work and I had 2 interviews for 2 jobs. I tapped constantly prior to both interviews. The first one told me I had the job so I did not try too hard on the 2nd interview. I got a call from the 1st interviewer saying sorry but I did not get the job and then the same from the second one. It seems I get so close to getting what I want and then it is taken away from me. What can I do for future interviews in order to get a job?? –Gordon from (Australia)

#7) I have been clearing blocks regularly, and I feel so much better. For some reason it just doesn’t feel safe to lose weight. I have tapped and processed a number of traumas and limiting beliefs around this. I think I would be able to move forward if I weren’t trying so hard. Any suggestions on how to let go? I feel like maybe I have to accept myself where I am before I can release this, but I part of me really hates being overweight. –“C”

#8) My right shoulder was operated on 4 yrs ago (torn labrum, 2 rotator cuff tears). Surgeon reported that the ball of my shoulder was deteriorated (probably from prednisone I had to take in 2001 80 mg per day) and that I would need a shoulder replacement. Much pain when I use the arm for throwing to my son, etc. Looking to heal and regenerate the shoulder through tapping. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Carol, –Paul

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September 22, 2009

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