#1) Well I feel stuck in my job and I wish to find my dream job only that I don’t know what it is yet or how to get it and I have fears of not succeeding in a new place. –Ron

#2) How can you tell the difference between guidance and fear? Sometimes they feel very similar. –Therapist in Texas

#3) My question topic is: I’m just not enough. Or, whatever I do, it’s just not enough. Or, I’m not enough as I am.

Pertaining to how to deal with someone important to you (parent, teacher, spouse, etc) when you try so hard to please, but it’s just not enough. They are never satisfied, or they refuse to acknowledge you or your efforts. For me, this is rooted in childhood with my father. –“R”

#4) Has any EFT work been done with prisoners? If not do you believe it could be a useful tool in this situation? –Lynn

#5) For years I have had trouble with my weight and the way I feel about myself. Could you have a sample statement and taping phrases that will help me deal with that and win the battle. I have been following the eft method for sometimes now and I cannot find the proper statement that will make the difference. Am I on the right track?? I would also like to be motivated to exercise and feel good. –Conrad

#6) Here are a couple of questions– simple ones, I hope. –Andi

1. What is Meridian tapping? I keep running into that name but I don’t know what it is.

2. What are the “wrist points” someone referred to when they said they kept tapping on them while they continued a session?

3. What is continuous tapping and how do I know if it helps?

#7) I have a lot of fear of the future as far as being abundant in my older years. I would like to combine LOA with tapping. I would like to get rid of the fear. –Carol

#8) I’m working with your program “attracting abundance” and I found that thanks to the education I received, I have almost ALL the blocks you mention! –Patricia

1. Is it better to work on all the items in a sequence and start over and over, or should take an item and keep on working on it until it gets done?

2. When some strong emotion comes up I immediately work on it, but is it useful to do EFT at a certain time, even if there is no strong emotion at the moment?

#9) I have had tremendous relief with your “clearing clutter” help. My clutter was only a little physical clutter, but I had an enormous amount of “people clutter”. You helped with both types. My problem now is how to shield myself from certain people. I work in a position where negative, critical, low vibrational, clinging, attacking people are prevalent. I seem to take on a lot of their problems. My job requires that I respond to these people. After 30 years, I am currently working on getting another job, but it will take almost a year for a complete transition. In the meantime, how do I survive? How do I stop taking in all of this negativity? Thank you so much for all your help. –(Name withheld by request)

#10) From Carole…

1. Why do I get better results for my clients than for myself?

2. For weeks I have tried to correct my eyesight (I wear glasses for long sight) and it appears worse, can I make it worse rather than better?

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September 16, 2009

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