I was. Because I knew that showing up meant I had to be present for every part of my emotional life – all the emotions (not just gratitude), all the unresolved conflicts, and all the fears about the future – and I had to face a lot of discomfort.

Usually, we use the term “show up” when we’re talking about going to a work event, or a birthday party, or a neighborhood get together we’re not that excited about. But what I’m talking about is “showing up” for all those emotions inside of you – every single one of them!

Why is it so difficult? Because when you show up for yourself, it means you are making a commitment to embrace all of your life. You embrace the hurt, the fear, the guilt and the resentment, as well as the joy, the happiness, the relief, and the grace.

Some of it doesn’t feel easy, fun, relaxing or even worth it sometimes. Luckily, we have this unbelievable tool (EFT/ Tapping) to manage all the discomfort.

So why would I recommend that you “show up” for yourself?

Because the rewards are totally worth the effort. Beautiful miracles are revealed, relationships improve, your health brightens up, and the success and abundance really start to roll into your life.

(Besides, it’s your life, so who else is going to show up for it?)

Your EFT/ Tapping for your fear of showing up will sound something like this:

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Karate chop point (while tapping on your karate chop point, repeat this phrase 3 times): Even though I’ve been afraid to show up for my feelings and my life, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.

Now tap on the points on the face and body as follows:

Eyebrow: I’m so afraid to show up.
Side of Eye: I’m afraid of what I might feel.
Under Eye: It seems easier not to show up.
Under Nose: It seems easier to avoid showing up.
Chin: My fears have been winning.
Collarbone: I’ve been so afraid to show up for myself.
Under Arm: I accept that I’ve been very afraid.
Top of Head: I feel the need to avoid all these difficult emotions.

(Remember, you don’t need to be perfect, you just need to reflect the truth of what you are feeling… so continue tapping, using your own words that fit your situation.)

Now that you have addressed the emotional challenge, try this tapping sequence below which suggests more possible positive outcomes:

Eyebrow: I want to want to show up for myself.
Side of Eye: I want to show up for all the emotions in my life.
Under Eye: I’m ready to show up for myself.
Under Nose: I used to feel afraid, but now I’m eager to show up.
Chin: I’m ready to show up for myself, I’m worth it.
Collarbone: I’m ready to show up for everything in my life.
Under Arm: I love remembering I can handle all my emotions.
Top of Head: I feel grateful for the progress I am making.

I invite you to finish with some “Thank you tapping” as well – tap on the points and say “thank you” to yourself and the universe for the opportunity to learn, grow, and move forward.


April 3, 2018

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