Now is where you are. But have you noticed, you’re never there?

Your “now” is so important because it is here, in the now, that you can create your future, release your past, and enjoy the present.

Whether you follow the body of research supporting being present, or just know and feel how important being in the now is for you on a physical, emotional and energetic level, the benefits can’t really be disputed any more. Being present, being in the now, is better for us.  It increases our ability to concentrate, deepens our emotional connection, allows is to conserve more of our energy, and keeps us living a more heart-centered life.

So what gets in the way?

The usual distractions – anxiety, worry, feeling inadequate, fear of missing out. Even the actual fear of being in the now is something that takes us away from the present moment!

Try to identify why staying in the present moment (even for a few more moments today than you did yesterday) is so challenging for you.

Is it simply your old bad habit of multi-tasking?

Is it your feeling of inadequacy that makes you perceive an urgent need to do more and be more each minute of the day?

Is it your chronic anxiety about your future that hasn’t even happened yet?

Maybe you are afraid of being still… and that keeps you hopping all over the place, never truly being present in your now moments.

Let’s try EFT/tapping on this challenge.

Side of the Hand: Even though Im not sure how to be in the now, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.  Even though Im afraid of being totally present, I dont know what Ill feel, I accept who I am and that I have this conflict. Even though Im too distracted by my past and my future to be in my now, I accept who I am and how I feel anyway.

Eyebrow: I never learned how to be in my now
Side of Eye: I don’t even know how to be present
Under Eye: I’m conflicted about whether I want to be present
Nose: What if it doesn’t really “do” anything for me?
Chin: I feel pulled in so many other directions
Collarbone: I’m afraid of being so present
Under Arm: It’s easier to stay distracted
Head: I’m uncomfortable with staying in my now

Repeat these follow-up phrases while you continue tapping on the points.

Eyebrow: I have been resistant to being completely present
Side of Eye: But I’m willing to try to be in my now more often
Under Eye: What if I could stop multi-tasking and be present
Nose: What if I could learn how to slow down and be in my now
Chin: I choose a new habit, one now at a time
Collarbone: I’m open to the wisdom of my now moments
Under Arm: I appreciate all those little now moments
Head: The past is behind me and the future doesn’t need me yet

Practice being truly in your now moment a few times a day, you’ll be surprised by how uncomfortable it is at first, and then with how rewarding and rich it feels, then how often you want to do it!

Let me know your results – the ups, the downs – all of it.


November 13, 2018

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