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Where do you invest your time?

Where do you spend your energy?

More importantly, if you could change that, where do you want to invest your time and energy?

Many of you have written me about being distracted and unfocused, feeling like you’re wasting your time, getting easily distracted, and not getting much done.

There are always certain distractions in our lives. You’re in the middle of a project and the phone rings and you know you have to respond… you know how it goes.

But being distracted is sometimes the easier and safer path than doing deeper emotional work or exploring a conflict that needs attention. Those “shiny objects” can be really appealing and they are certainly distracting.

Consider that there might be an “upside” to being distracted all the time. Maybe it keeps you from focusing on emotional pain or on a relationship that needs help. Consider that there might be a downside to being clear and focused. Maybe being clear and focused feels threatening to you or loved ones in your life because you know you will become more successful.

Remember, there is no right or wrong as far as where you want to invest your time and energy. It’s your life so it’s up to you. But even if you hate your behavior, it is serving you in some way.

Ask yourself if how you’re spending your time and energy is “working” for you.

We have 24 hours a day. You choose what to do with it, how focused you will be, and what actions you want to take.

Try this Tapping sequence to help you release any underlying “need” to be distracted.

Side of Hand: Even though I get distracted way too easily, I choose to accept who I am and how I feel… Even though I might be using distraction to keep me from feeling deeper emotions, I accept who I am and how I feel… Even though I get distracted so I don’t have to face emotional conflicts, I choose to become more conscious of what I do with my time.

Eyebrow: Where does all my time go?
Side of Eye: Where do I invest my energy?
Under Eye: I’m exhausted from doing nothing
Under Nose: I’m so distracted all the time
Chin: I’m so distracted and unfocused
Collarbone: I’m wasting time and energy
Under Arm: I’m wasting too much time and energy
Head: I’m so distracted

Now let’s look at the other side – that you’re likely afraid to be clear and focused or you wouldn’t be so easily distracted.

Take a deep breath, and keep Tapping:

Side of Hand: Even though I’m afraid to be clear and focused, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway… Even though I’m avoiding being clear and focused, I accept who I am and all the distractions… Even though I’m afraid to be clear, focused and productive, I accept who I am right now.

Eyebrow: I’m afraid to be clear and focused
Side of Eye: Distraction feels easier
Under Eye: I don’t want to work on the hard stuff
Under Nose: I’d rather be distracted
Chin: What if I get more focused?
Collarbone: I wonder what might happen
Under Arm: I want to be more focused
Head: I choose to be clear and focused.

Invest your time and energy wisely. They are the best assets you will ever have.



June 24, 2020

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