Look at your behavior. Look at your results. If you’re afraid of moving forward in any part of your life, you won’t be in energetic alignment with where you want to go. And if you’re not in energetic alignment with moving forward, you will get in your own way… with sabotage behavior of any kind. You simply won’t get “it” done, whatever “it” is that you think will move you forward.

First things first – define successfully “moving forward” for yourself. What does that mean to you? What will it look like in your life? How will you know when you’ve gotten there?

Then the question is why are you afraid of this image or definition of moving forward? Here are some classic fears, notice which ones resonate with you:

  • I’m afraid of standing out
  • I’m afraid of being criticized
  • I’m afraid of failing anyway
  • I’m afraid to be a target
  • It feels unsafe to move forward
  • I’m afraid of rocking the boat
  • I’m afraid they won’t understand me

Your fears almost always involve the reactions of other people – what will they say, think or feel about your moving forward.

Many people try to move forward by trying to force a change in their behavior without addressing the underlying emotional conflict. This never works, because fears always beat willpower. That’s why we need to use some kind of energy work to neutralize the fear so you can make the behavioral shift you are looking for that will support you moving forward.

I invite you to use Tapping for your fear of moving forward, as it will calm you down and neutralize your conflicting thoughts and beliefs about this issue. If you can neutralize your fear enough, your behavior will change… it’s guaranteed. If your behavior continues to get in your way, that means you haven’t collapsed the core fear or cleared enough of the feeling of “risk” associated with moving forward.

Side of Hand: Even though I’m afraid to move forward, and my behavior is showing me that, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself anyway… Even though a part of me is afraid to move forward, I accept who I am and how I feel… Even though I’m afraid of other people’s reactions, I accept all of my feelings anyway.

Eyebrow: I’m afraid of moving forward
Side of Eye: I’m afraid they won’t understand me
Under Eye: What if I move forward and I fail
Under Nose: What if I start standing out
Chin: What if they don’t like that I stand out
Collarbone: I’m afraid of being seen
Under Arm: I’m so afraid of moving forward
Head: My behavior proves it to me every day

Take a deep breath, and see how you feel about moving forward with the previous image you had in your mind.

Now use this next set of statements for another round of Tapping, and neutralize your fears until you feel excited about moving forward!

Eyebrow: I’m still afraid of their reactions
Side of Eye: I’m afraid they won’t like it
Under Eye: What if I rock their boat
Under Nose: I think I’m almost ready
Chin: Their reactions are none of my business
Collarbone: I was hurt in the past but I’m over it now
Under Arm: I am looking forward to changing
Head: I appreciate the old blocks, but I’m calm now

Take a deep breath…

You can use this model of Tapping with any fear that’s in your way of moving forward.

Imagine the success you could enjoy…

Keep Tapping!


July 19, 2021

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