The announcement of a pandemic is presenting us with an “unprecedented” challenge – you may be feeling helpless, powerless, anxious and confused.  This challenge is a difficult puzzle to solve, and the truth is, there are no easy answers because we don’t know all the pieces.  Not knowing what’s coming next tends to “trigger” anyone with a brain and a nervous system.

Obvious but simple things to reduce stress and stay healthy:

  1. Moving your body to release stressful energy
  2. Engaging with caring people by Skype/phone… the sound of calming voices is good for your nerves
  3. Feeling the elements – rain, sun, wind, (or hug a tree)
  4. Humming, singing, listening to music
  5. Voicing gratitude on any level
  6. Grounding and centering exercises
  7. Getting basics like deep sleep, regular meals, and stillness

And of course, I’m so grateful to have the tool of Tapping – I truly feel the relief and release. And while I’m moving my body and meditating in silence, Tapping provides a unique outlet for the nervous system so we can stay rational and resourceful during these challenging times.

I need to keep it simple!  So if my super simple Tapping sequence below isn’t helpful, skip it, but stay connected and know that I’m thinking of you.

The less stress we load into our nervous system, the healthier we can be physically as well as emotionally.  Balance is much needed right now.

So let’s all try to continue to stay safe, calm and support each other.

Below is a quick Tapping sequence I’ve been doing for myself. I know it’s releasing a lot of built up stress because of how much I yawn.  Stay tuned, I’ll be in touch.

Side of the hand:  Even though I’m being triggered and I’m losing my center, I accept who I am and how I feel… Even though I have all this stress built up in my nervous system, I deeply and completely love and accept myself… Even though I can feel that I’m being triggered by what I can’t control, I deeply and completely love and accept myself in this moment.

Eyebrow: I’m feeling easily triggered
Side of Eye: I am so triggered, and that’s ok
Under Eye: My nervous system is overwhelmed
Under Nose: I’m feeling anxious and helpless
Chin: I need to remember to breathe
Collarbone: I’m getting easily triggered
Under Arm: This built up stress is in my nervous system
Head: Too much stress in my nervous system

Then continue with these next 2 Tapping sequences with more releasing statements and positive suggestions.

Eyebrow: I get easily triggered
Side of Eye: It’s hard to feel calm
Under Eye: I want to be still and quiet
Under Nose: I choose to be still and quiet
Chin: I choose to feel calm and peaceful in this moment
Collarbone: I love being present
Under Arm: I love being kind to others
Head: I love being present and peaceful

Deep breath…

Eyebrow: I’m still occasionally triggered
Side of Eye: I hate the unknown
Under Eye: But I can handle my emotions
Under Nose: I can even handle being triggered
Chin: I choose to get centered again
Collarbone: I love centering myself
Under Arm: I appreciate this opportunity to look inward
Head: I’m grateful for the blessings in my life

Deep breath…


March 19, 2020

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