By Gloria Arenson
Past ACEP President

Attracting Abundance with EFT
By Carol Look, EFT Master

Attracting Abundance with EFTCarol Look has done it again! Her wonderful new book about attracting abundance follows her outstanding work with weight loss by offering readers a simple, well-organized and effective method for success. The secret is to “change your energy instead of your marketing plan.” Dr. Look offers 4 steps for attracting money, health, relationships and happiness. The first step addresses clearing blocks to success and abundance. The second is about increasing prosperity. Step 3 helps readers activate the law of attraction, and Step 4 deals with claiming abundance now.

This book is filled with dozens of EFT sequences that combine EFT tapping with positive affirmations in a two round protocol. Round one consists of tapping on the negative reminder phrase. In round two readers repeat a different inspirational affirmative statement as they tap each energy point. The author provides specific statements to guide the process. She covers all the possible fears and beliefs that can sabotage the ability to attract and enjoy a life of abundance. Readers can pick and choose what to focus on as they study the helpful and clear table of contents.

Common success stoppers to tap about include “I feel guilty because I have more than others;” “I don’t want to stand out;” “I’m limited by a comfort zone around my current salary;” ”Money concerns haunt me;” “I believe in scarcity;” and “They convinced me I wasn’t worthy.”

In addition, readers can play Abundance Games. I felt positively euphoric after trying End Result Imagery and know that everyone who reads this book will find it easy to practice the Gratitude Walk. Once readers have used EFT to eliminate negative energy and beliefs they will enjoy writing their goals using Take Five instructions about how to create a clear and sharp intention.

Readers will enjoy the ease with which they can deal with this universal issue. Therapists will want to have this book handy since so many of our clients today are struggling with the stress of financial problems in a problematic national economy. I look forward to sharing it with clients, colleagues and friends.

Gloria Arenson
Past ACEP President

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June 20, 2008

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