I know, I know, many of you don’t have a bike. I don’t either, but this expression works perfectly!

When you fall off your bike (your path of success), you need to find a way to get back on. You will also probably need some emotional healing first, so it’s a good thing we have such a fabulous tool such as EFT. (New to EFT/ Tapping? Visit my free welcome guide.)

Falling off “the bike” is just a form of sabotage. It slows you down, and that’s what you were likely looking for – something to slow you down because you were afraid of your progress, or afraid of the consequences of your progress.

So many things distract you from being inspired to stay on your path to success. Then suddenly, almost without noticing it, you’ve fallen off the bike.

So what’s distracting you? What caused you to fall off the bike?

Important point #1 – In order to get back on the bike, you need to understand what made you fall off in the first place!

Was it simple sabotage behavior?
Was it discomfort about feeling new levels of success?
Was it your fear of failure?

When you find out “what happened” you will have a target for EFT. So it’s important to keep searching for what happened emotionally before you fell off the bike… then you can do some Tapping to get back on your path to success.

Important point #2 – Stop criticizing yourself for “falling off” and start tapping on your fears!

Your EFT/ Tapping will sound something like this:

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Karate chop point (repeat this phrase 3 times): Even though I started feeling afraid of my success, so I felt an urge to sabotage myself, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.

Now tap on the points on the face and body as follows:

Eyebrow: I got scared of my progress
Side of Eye: My success made me nervous
Under Eye: So I had to sabotage myself
Under Nose: I was afraid of my own success
Chin: Success makes me nervous, Im not used to it
Collarbone: Even though I want success, I got nervous
Under Arm: I was definitely feeling better
Top of Head: I felt the need to slow down my own success

Remember, you don’t need to be perfect, you just need to reflect the truth of what you are feeling… so continue tapping, using your own words that fit your situation.

Now that you have addressed the emotional challenge, try this tapping sequence below which suggests more possible positive outcomes:

Eyebrow: I want to want to embrace my success
Side of Eye: Its ok that I got scared
Under Eye: Im ready to get back on the bike
Under Nose: I feel inspired to get back on the bike
Chin: Im ready to claim my success
Collarbone: Im ready to allow success into my life
Under Arm: I love feeling better
Top of Head: I feel grateful for the progress I am making

I invite you to finish with some “Thank you tapping” as well – tap on the points and say “thank you” to yourself, the universe, or for the opportunity to learn, grow, and move forward!


Until next time,

March 1, 2018

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