What if you felt inspired to
Find the Fun First?

Just imagine how much abundance
would flow into your life…

I know that there are many events or projects we have to do in our lives that feel like obligations, shoulds and have-tos… It doesn’t feel as if we have much of a choice.  So until we are living a life without any shoulds and have-tos, I invite you to Find the Fun First!

So let’s say you have to go to a school event for the kids that you don’t feel like attending – what do you do?  Instead of grumbling about it, feeling down and resentful, or acting out by being late, Find the Fun First.  Find something about this event that is ok, find something that wouldn’t be that bad… find something that would make it tolerable, even fun…

Suppose you have to attend a meeting for work that seems boring, a waste of time, not useful when your list of things to do is so long.  What do you do?  Find the Fun First!  Find a reason to go, find a reason you will learn something, a “because” that will work for you!

It doesn’t take long to Find the Fun First, but it does take a little effort.  You need to have it on your mind so you actually do it.

Being inspired to Find the Fun First really mobilizes your positive energy and communicates to the Universe that you’re “serious” about fun… if you know what I mean.  And you know that you get what you’re looking for, so if you are intent on Finding the Fun First, you will definitely find it.

What’s the point of Finding the Fun First? Being inspired to Find the Fun First will help you attract more abundance into your life, but believe it or not, that’s not the point!  Finding the Fun First will make your life more enjoyable, make your vibration lighter about your day, help you be “attractive” to higher vibrating experiences.

Remember that spending time and energy on an inspiration such as Finding the Fun First will make you feel better about everything you have to do in your life.  You’ll feel better about all the chores, the have-tos and stuff you just can’t get out of yet… And yes, in addition, it will help you attract more abundance!

Once again, there are nothing but advantages and positive consequences when you focus and put energy into Finding the Fun First. I can’t think of a single “downside” to making the effort to do this.  For those of you who prefer to grumble and complain, beware, this will definitely interrupt that habit… so you may need to tap on how hard it is to give up complaining! 

We know that the Universe hears our vibration not our words.  We have all learned from Law of Attraction teachers that we will receive more of what we are “broadcasting” to the Universe.  So get inspired to Find the Fun First – you know your vibration will improve!

Remember that our thoughts are real
and carry energy…

Our vibration matters!

So I invite you to Find the Fun First and enjoy the vibration and the abundance of new miracles you will now be pulling effortlessly into your life.  I recommend taking small steps until you Find and Feel the Fun… otherwise you’re asking yourself to make too big of a leap from your “have-to” chore.

(1) Think of the event or project or chore you “have to ” do –

(2) Find something about it that’s not so bad, not too terrible, not horrible.

(3) Then find something a little better, a little easier.  It might sound like: “at least I’ll be able to…”

(4) Then Find the Fun in it… and…

(5) Write about it, looki forward to it, and talk about it out loud!

As Law of Attraction teachers say — it’s all energy.  The Law of Attraction sends you situations that have the same energy and vibration you are putting out… so when you start feeling inspired to Find the Fun First, the Universe will bring you more opportunities for appreciation and more opportunities that actually do feel fun!

It’s your choice… Find the Fun First
and enjoy the successes that flow
into your life! 

Below you will find EFT setup phrases to help you be inspired to release your blocks to being able to attract what you want into your life.

When you change your vibration,
you will change your life.

Go ahead, raise your vibration by choosing to
Find the Fun First!


The EFT SETUP Phrases for this topic are as follows:

While tapping the karate chop spot on either hand, repeat these phrases out loud, (or change the words to fit your exact situation).

“Even though I have to do too many things that aren’t any fun, I choose to accept who I am and how I feel.”

“Even though I never look for or find any fun in the “shoulds” in my life, I accept who I am and how I feel.”

“Even though I enjoy complaining about my “have-tos”, I deeply and completely accept myself anyway.”

I have indicated where to tap while saying each of the phrases below. You may repeat the positive round more than once if you wish. (If you are new to EFT please view a chart of the spots on my web site under the EFT pages.)

***Now for the phrases that focus on the problem*** 

Eyebrow: “I don’t really know how to Find the Fun First.”
Side of Eye: “There’s so much else I have to focus on…”
Under Eye: “I have so many things I have to do… and none of them are fun.”
Nose: “I don’t even know how to Find the Fun First.
Chin: “What if I don’t want to give up complaining?”
Collarbone: “I don’t know if I want to spend the time on this…”
Under Arm: “I don’t feel confident I’ll find any fun in my “shoulds.”
Head: “I don’t have enough time to do it, I just have to fulfill my obligations.”

***Now for the positive focus on the solution***

Eyebrow: “What if I made the time to Find the Fun First?
Side of Eye: “I want to make the time to stop so many shoulds.”
Under Eye: “I want to look forward to Finding the Fun First.”
Nose: “I intend to Find the Fun First before I do my chores.
Chin: “I want to take the time to commit to at least looking for fun.”
Collarbone: “I’m ready and willing right now to Find the Fun First.”
Under Arm: “I choose to feel inspired to give up complaining!”
Head: “I choose to enjoy being able to Find the Fun First!”

Access more positive vibrations with the Law of Attraction by repeating the following phrases (while tapping or not):

Thank You, Universe for teaching me how to Find the Fun First – I feel more aligned with abundance already!

Thank You, Universe for allowing me to feel inspired to Find the Fun First, I am looking forward to exciting results for all of us!

Thank You, Universe for making it so easy for me to Find the Fun First, I feel the vibrational shift and power already! 

Keep tapping, and enjoy using the Law of Attraction to bring more of what you want into your life!

A powerful way to continue becoming congruent with your desires is to read positive material about the power of combining EFT and the Law of Attraction.  Another way is to continue to tap every day to release your blocks to attracting abundance.  I invite you to review two of my favorite recent newsletters:

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Combine these messages with this week’s topic, Find the Fun First and make a profound and positive shift in your daily attraction process!

October 12, 2011

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