Get Back on the Bike

You were making great progress…
but then you got distracted

You were enjoying moving forward…
but then it came to a screeching halt

You were getting so close to your goal...
then bam… you stopped!

Does this pattern sound or feel familiar?

You were this close to achieving success – but then you hit a block!

Something blocked your alignment with success…

Did you start procrastinating?
Did you get afraid of success?
Did you let “life” get in the way?

Feeling that something is “blocking” your success feels terrible.

You stopped moving forward – and now you feel stuck again.

But What REALLY Happened?

You fell “off the bike…”

Which means you fell out of alignment with your goals and success.

  • Why does this happen? Why do you “fall off the bike”?
  • Something blocked you from moving towards your goal.
  • The good news is… it’s simple to start moving again!

Clear these blocks, and then get back on the bike!

We ALL fall off the bike from time to time. Everyone I know has fallen off the “success bike” many times.

What’s the difference between people who succeed and people who stay stuck?

What’s the difference between people who succeed and people who stay stuck?

The difference is:

  • Understanding how to stay in alignment (even in the face of fear)
  • Recognizing the patterns that drive your behavior
  • Identifying what “problem” your sabotage behavior is “solving”
  • Learning how to use the right tools to get back on that bike!

A word from Carol Look, creator of “Get Back on the Bike”

I bet you already guessed that I’ve fallen off “the bike” a zillion times in my personal and professional life over the years. But did you know that absolutely every other person I know has also fallen off their “bike” too? Yes, every single person I’ve met. So you’re in good company!

“Get Back on the Bike.” I heard this expression my whole life from my family. What they meant was simply, “don’t get discouraged, get back on the bike, you’ll be fine… just keep trying.”

And they were right. I have fallen off so many times I lost count. But I learned so much about my life, my desires, my intuition, my fears, and most importantly, why and how to get back on the bike!!


And I’ve gotten stunning results in my life from learning how to get back on the bike!

So if the problem is “falling off” your bike, then obviously the solution is getting “back on.”

But how?

I’m glad you asked.


Because that’s where I can support you with 25 years of experience counseling others to get back on the bike with coaching, tapping, tips, aha moments, and lessons I’ve learned on my journey.

I can’t wait to help you “get back on the bike” by helping you identify why and how you “fell off” and what you need to do, step-by-step, to get back on!

Keep reading…

I’m thrilled to introduce you to my very successful downloadable coaching program:

Get Back on the Bike!

7 modules that take you step by step to:

  • Discover what you really want in life
  • Get clarity on how to get aligned with that vision, and
  • Take the right steps to move forward to make it happen!

You’ll get:

  • Dozens of EFT tapping sequences to use at every stage in the process
  • In depth lessons from Carol’s 25 years as a psychotherapist and business coach that you can use to create your dream life

In this program, you will learn:

  • The top 3 reasons you fall off the bike
  • How to get back into alignment with success
  • How to clear the cause of your sabotage
  • How to create a clear plan to get back on the bike, NOW, so you can get back in alignment with the success you deserve!

7 MODULES include coaching lessons and tapping sequences:


Define what “Being on Your Bike” means (What do you really want?)


Identify what caused you to fall off your “bike” in the first place


Are you on the right bike? Or do you need to switch goals


Release Your Fear of Success


Release Your Limiting Beliefs


Learn to listen to and trust your “Yes” – and embrace abundance


Get super clear on what you want, then take action and celebrate

This program also includes several impactful Tapping Program bonuses:

Bonus #1

  • “Clear Your Subconscious Blocks to Success” ($197 value)

Bonus #2

  • “Clear Your Fear of Success and Let Yourself Shine” ($197 value)

Bonus #3

  • “I Love Clarity” ($25 value)

This package includes over $600 worth of coaching materials and programs, but you can have it for only $97.

Over the past 25 years Carol has helped thousands of people gain clarity in their lives so they can create the results they want.

Here are a few of the people she’s impacted:

‘You rock!’ I really enjoyed your workshops and thank you again for your insight and clarity – it is so very, very helpful, inspiring, uplifting… I could go on!  – Anne H.

The shifts in my life have been (and continue to be) remarkable! Abundance, in every sense of the word, is attracted to me, every day and every moment!

I now have the courage, tools, and resilience to go anywhere, face anything, thanks to you, your team and your uniquely challenging program! I feel like a butterfly emerging from a long sleep, escaping the confines of her limiting, yet warm cocoon, ready to try her wings and finally shine. With great respect and gratitude, – Audrey G., Colorado

How can I describe what is going on in my life, except to say that money seems to be flowing in from new clients in areas where I have not marketed! Using EFT and Law of Attraction with Carol Look’s coaching program has definitely worked! I am very happy, constantly in a state of gratitude and look forward to going to work every Monday as I am wondering what great surprise will I realize this week! I can’t thank you enough… – John C. from Connecticut

Carol Look’s programs are amazing because she is an amazing energy healer and coach! My life has improved in so many areas since I started to tap along with Carol and her programs and live events…

…Carol has unique gifts which I believe make her so successful in helping others get results with EFT(Tapping). Her intuitive depth, and her ability to identify core issues and then to laser in on the heart of the matter are what truly make Carol a world expert at what she does. I am an example of a person who was struggling in a number of areas of my life, but working with Carol’s programs has helped me remove many of my sabotage blocks. In turn, this has helped me completely reshape my career and my life, allowing abundance to flow in. I truly believe you will see dramatic results if you follow Carol’s coaching programs! – Lynn Rekvig from Gol, Norway

Get Back on the Bike Program

Carol charges up to $3,000 for her individualized coaching programs, but with the Get Back on the Bike package, you can enjoy the same results for a fraction of that fee.

Click the link below to get the entire package – a $600+ value – for only $97!

We’re excited to see what your results will be!

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