These two tracks are from Afraid to Shine.

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Enjoy tapping along with EFT Master Carol Look as she helps you uncover the reasons you block yourself from attracting abundance and shining in your personal and professional life!

Feeling afraid to “shine” (or to stand out) is one of the most common emotional blocks to attracting success and abundance and reaching our goals. One way to understand why you might have this block is to ask yourself some simple yet revealing questions:

1) What’s the “downside” to shining?

2) What’s the “upside” to staying invisible?

3) Does it feel “safe” to shine? (And if not, why not…)

4) What happened the last time you were successful or stood out?

5) What benefits do you get from staying small?

Then you might want to fill in the blanks in the statements below to help you identify the reasons you are afraid to shine:

1) I’m afraid to shine because _________________________

2) If I shine, they will say _____________________________

3) If I shine, they won’t like it because ___________________

4) It’s dangerous to shine because _____________________

5) If I shine, they might _______________________ again.

When you identify the reasons you are blocking your success, you can use these reasons as “targets” and “tappable issues” with EFT setups statements and sequences and finally attract the success and abundance into your life that you deserve!


EFT Master Carol Look

December 7, 2010

Learn the #1 Mistake That Keeps People STUCK