Find Your Next Yes:
Tapping into Your Spirit Guides and Angels

4-Part Course with Intuitive Energy Healer, Psychotherapist, and EFT Master, Carol Look

1-angels-and-spirit-guidesTapping into Your Guides and Angels

  • Class 1: Coming Into Alignment

    During class one, we use EFT (Tapping) to help you come into alignment with the connection process by clearing your fears and resistance to receiving messages from your spirit guides and angels. When you’re not in alignment because of fears, feelings of inadequacy or limiting beliefs, you can’t get yourself aligned with the messages you want to hear, feel, know or see.

  • Class 2: Asking: When, Where and How

    In class two, we practice how to ask for messages, where to ask, and whom to ask. Of course we also use EFT for clearing anything that gets in your way as we ask questions such as: Why don’t you ask for guidance consistently? What are you afraid of? Why don’t you believe that you can ask for answers and receive them?

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Class 1 & 2 Slides and MP3's

  • Class 3: Allowing

    In this 3rd tapping class, we discus what gets in the way of allowing – what fears, concerns and conflicts are blocking you from allowing information to come into your life from energetic sources. You can ask and ask and ask, but if you have emotional or energetic blocks to allowing spirit to show up for you, you will not be able to hear, see, feel, or know the answers.

  • Class  4:  Receiving: Trusting, Recording, and Acting

    In our final class, we discuss the “receiving” part of the connection process. We discuss things such as how to receive the answers, when to receive them, and what to do with the information you get. Anytime blocks or hesitation comes up during the process, we use EFT for clearing, so you are ready to receive.

Class 3 & 4 Slides and MP3's

2-intuitive-guidance-activationsIntuitive Guidance Activations



Clear Your Fear of Asking for Guidance

Cultivate the Space

Clear Your Worry About Others

Release Control Issues

Boost Your Worthiness

Embrace Expansion

Build Your Trust

Heal Your Past Lives

Heal Conflicting Vibrations

Gratitude Activations

3-abundance-meditationsAbundance Meditations



Rewire Your Brain for Success

Let Yourself Shine

The Power of Gratitude

4-live-call-1-mar-29Live Call 1: Access Your Divine Guidance

Live Call 2: Find Your Next Yes