The Vibration of Abundance

The Vibration of Abundance Set

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A brand new set of 13 hours of audio materials about using the Law of Attraction and EFT to help you identify and release all the remaining emotional barriers to creating an abundant life in the new year!

CD #1 – EFT and LAW OF ATTRACTION (67:51)

Welcome & Disclaimer
What Is Abundance?
EFT and LOA — The Perfect Match
Limiting Beliefs
Comfort Zones
Clearing Resistance with EFT


Fear of Letting Go
Fear of Changing
The Upside of Staying Stuck
What Happened Last Time?
They Were Jealous and Criticized Me
Fear of Standing Out


Do Your Vibrational Work
Sabotage to Feel Safe?
I Didn’t Feel Safe Back Then
Who Will I Be Without My Problem?
I Don’t Deserve Success
I’ll Feel Disloyal If I[m Successful
My Relationships Might Change


How Does Procrastination Serve You?
Procrastination as Rebellion
How Resentment Lowers Vibration
I Don’t Want to Let Go of My Anger
It’s Not Safe to Stand Out
I’m Afraid of My Power

CD #5 – GUILT AND SHAME (68:53)

Guilt Makes Us Punish Ourselves
I Did/Said Something Bad
To Forgive or Not
I Feel Ashamed of Myself
Something’s Wrong With Me
I’m Not Enough


Anxiety About Money
Doubts About Attracting Abundance
Your Power to Change Your Vibration
I’m Impatient – My Abundance Isn’t Here Yet
Thank You Tapping

CD #7 – SESSION with LYNNE (48:31)

“I Deserve To Be Punished For Failing”
It’s Not Safe to Be Too Big
I Don’t Deserve Success
I Was a Failure — I Didn’t Save Them
I’m Afraid of My Power
I Don’t Know Who I’ll Be

CD #8 – SESSION with “MIKE” (75:23)

“I Feel Trapped and Angry”
Anxiety About My Future
I Feel Inadequate
Guilt About Having My Feelings
I Have to Prove Something
I Don’t Expect My EFT Results to Last
He Didn’t Notice Me
Letting Go of My Guilt & Shame

CD #9 – SESSION with “MARY” (62:10)

“I Can’t Have It All and Stay Balanced”
If I Become Successful, I’ll Betray My Parents
Life is Supposed to Be Difficult
Money Comes With Responsibility
Success Breaks Families Apart
Afraid to Get Sick Again
It’s Not Safe to Stand Out
I Have to Do It All

CD #10 – SESSION with “JOHN” (70:46)

“I’m Being Taken Advantage of Again”
Family Attitudes
Feeling Resentful
Feeling Overwhelmed
I Haven’t Done Enough
I Feel Guilty – It’s My Fault

CD #11 – SESSION with “RACHEL” (60:55)

“Men Are Babies”
I Can’t Find My Equal
The “Upside” of Staying Alone
I’m Too Old to Find My Mate
Maybe I’m Not Ready Yet

CD #12 – SESSION with “SUSAN” (63:39)

“I’m Afraid to Put Myself Out There”
My Mother Didn’t Get Me
I Can’t Keep Myself Safe
I Can’t Take Care of Myself
It’s Not OK Being Me
My Symptoms Keep Me Safe