Find Your Next Yes:
Tapping into Your Spirit Guides and Angels

3-Part Teleseries with Intuitive Energy Healer, Psychotherapist, and EFT Master, Carol Look

Join us and open the door to hearing, feeling, knowing or seeing your messages and guidance from your spirit guides and angels.

Engaging the Power of Clarity

Carol LookHi - I'm Carol. Those of you who have attended my workshops or listened to my new tapping products over the past few years know that I am all about engaging the power of clarity – I help people clear their blocks to clarity, whether those blocks are fears, feelings, limiting beliefs or emotional conflicts from the past.

You also need clarity to hear the message from your spirit guides and angels. You need clarity of purpose, clarity about inquiry, and clarity that comes from peace and quiet.

I want to help you open the door to hearing, feeling, knowing or seeing your messages and guidance from your spirit guides and angels.

I’ve scheduled and planned out 3 calls where I will help you clear anything in your way to receiving this extra guidance that is always available to all of us. It will be up to you to walk through the door…

All Are Welcome!!

Here's what will happen during each call ...

  • Call 1: Coming Into Alignment

    During our first call, we will use EFT (Tapping) to help you come into alignment with the connection process by clearing your fears and resistance to receiving messages from your spirit guides and angels. When you’re not in alignment because of fears, feelings of inadequacy or limiting beliefs, you can’t get yourself aligned with the messages you want to hear, feel, know or see.

  • Call 2: Asking: When, Where and How

    In our second call, we will practice how to ask for messages, where to ask, and whom to ask. Of course we will also use EFT for clearing anything that gets in your way as we ask questions such as: Why don’t you ask for guidance consistently? What are you afraid of? Why don’t you believe that you can ask for answers and receive them?

  • Call 3: Receiving: Trusting, Recording, and Acting

    Finally in our third call, we will discuss the “receiving” part of the connection process. We will discuss things such as how to receive the answers, when to receive them, and what to do with the information you get. Anytime blocks or hesitation comes up during the process, we will use EFT for clearing, so you are ready to receive.


Why do I care and why might you care? BECAUSE…

  • If everything is energy, then our loved ones, our guides, and our angels are not very far away!
  • Everyone gets messages, but not everyone trusts them.
  • Our connection to universal wisdom is always there… it’s always transmitting a signal, but we’re not always paying attention.
  • Messages are our invisible resource – why not use them to better our life?
  • It feels awesome to know that you can ask for and receive extra guidance and help for many of life’s challenges.
  • Asking for and receiving guidance adds such value to our lives.
  • Imagine getting extra confirmation on your decisions when life throws you a few curve balls…
  • Imagine getting a “yes” from energetic support beings, whether you call them guides, angels or energy beings.

Like you, I had quite a few curve balls thrown at me in my life.

women looking up cropped As a result, I have become fascinated by the idea of asking for and receiving extra help.

My journey of searching has always been present in my life, but it started ramping up over 20 years ago after a friend’s child died in an accident… Since then, I have been searching, looking for, asking for, and finally receiving signs and confirmation that we all are being looked after and supported from “the other side” especially during difficult times.

This series is not about mediumship or channeling.

It’s about learning to trust yourself and the signs you receive, while taking appropriate action in your life in order to move forward. You deserve to know that you are supported, and that this journey called “life” can be more fun, enjoyable, and less lonely.

If you’re curious, interested, always wanted to know how you
could get answers and spiritual support, and you’d like to join
me for this 3-part series, here are your next steps:

  • 1

    Remember that these calls will be recorded, so if you have a “turn” with me, your tapping sequence will be used in my upcoming tapping product (with the same name as this series)

  • 2

    Purchase your “ticket” to the calls below by clicking on the "buy now" button

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    Keep this information confidential

  • 4

    Show up on the calls or listen in to the recordings

  • 5

    Mark your calendars for December 8th, December 15th and January 5th at 3pm ET/12pm PT

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