Success & Abundance with EFT & The Law of Attraction – DVD Set

Success & Abundance with EFT & The Law of Attraction

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4 DVD set of Attracting Abundance

Gary Craig invited me to teach a one day workshop called Success and Abundance with EFT as part of his 3 day workshop in Connecticut. I am pleased to announce that the DVDs of this workshop are being released for the first time! I am thrilled with the extent of the material that was covered about the basics of EFT, variations on the process, the Law of Attraction, and how to release resistance to success. I was also deeply touched by what transpired for the participants. We addressed, tapped for and released dozens of issues that block success and abundance. You will enjoy over 5 hours of EFT tapping and Law of Attraction coaching on these dynamic DVDs.

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Saying the Negative
There Are Enough Clients
Tapping on Wall Street
Tough Case
Use Your Words
Taking Care of Others Over Yourself


Introduction by Gary Craig


  • Rate Your Desires and Beliefs
  • Your Definition of Success
  • The Energy of Abundance
  • The Power of Your Vibrations
  • Comfort Zones
  • Choice and Focus
  • Law of Attraction
  • Using EFT and Law of Attraction
  • What’s Right For You
  • Subconscious Mind is Compulsive
  • Downside of Getting Better
  • Overview of the 4 Steps to Attracting Abundance
  • Clearing Limiting Blocks to Success
  • Views of Wealthy People
  • Sabotage Issues
  • The “Thank You Game”
  • Why Haven’t You Reached Your Goal Yet?

Tapping Issues:

  • Can’t Hold Onto Money
  • They Don’t Have What I Want
  • I Don’t Have Time to Be Successful
  • There’s Not Enough to Go Around
  • I’m a Starving Artist
  • Money Isn’t Supposed to Come Easily
  • People Will Leave Me

DVD #2


  • Using Affirmations and EFT
  • Choosing the Right Words
  • Conflict About Abundance
  • Build Your Prosperity Consciousness
  • The Real Feelings Underneath the Symptoms

Tapping Issues:

  • Women Shouldn’t Be Successful
  • Hiding My Success
  • I Was Never a “Future Planner”
  • Being Vulnerable and Exposed
  • I’m Afraid to Claim Abundance
  • My Mother Said I Wouldn’t Amount to Anything
  • I Don’t Feel Worhty
  • Maybe “SHE” Wasn’t Right
  • I Need Needy People…
  • I’m Not Supposed to Have More
  • I Believe in Prosperity
  • I’m Not Acceptable
  • I Resent Their Expectations
  • Remaining Conflicts About Being Successful
  • Giving and Receiving
  • Jealousy
  • Not Enough For Me
  • Perfectionism

DVD #3

Fear of Public Speaking session w/ Gary Craig and Sandra


  • Scarcity Issues
  • Fear of Letting Go of the Fear
  • Taking Care of Others as Sabotage
  • People Will Try and Rip Me Off
  • Fear of Standing Out
  • Envy of Siblings
  • Not OK to Stand Out
  • Tapping with Businessmen
  • Getting Congruent with EFT

Tapping Issues:

  • Feeling Underappreciated
  • My Issues with Men
  • They Always Said No To Me
  • Somatization as Distraction
  • Won’t Admit I Can’t Afford It
  • Fear of Being Exposed
  • I’d Rather Wallow in My Fear
  • Afraid of Being Abandoned
  • I Feel Less Than Rich People
  • I Don’t Want To Take Responsibility
  • They’ll Hurt Me If I Stand Out
  • I Need to Resist
  • It’s Dangerous to Want or Need
  • I Won’t Fit in if I’m Successful
  • I Can’t Be Happy Until I Have More Money
  • I Feel Drained By My Work
  • Afraid I’ll Be Trapped By Success


  • Gratitude List
  • Gratitude Interview

DVD #4


  • What Feels Right to You?
  • The Importance of Self-Care
  • Checking in With Yourself…
  • Being Responsible For You is My Excuse…
  • Alternating Negative/Positive Phrasing
  • Breaking Patterns
  • Conflicts About Success
  • Claiming Abundance

Tapping Issues:

  • Conflicts About How I Earn My Money
  • I’m Running Out of Time
  • I Want Someone to Take Care of Me
  • Expansion/Contraction of Business
  • I Don’t Know the Core Issues
  • I Can’t Maintain My High Energy
  • Addicted to Being Stuck
  • I’m a Touch Case
  • I’m Too Screwed Up For This to Work
  • I’m Afraid to Get My Hopes Up
  • I Made a Vow Not To Work Hard
  • It’s Threatening to Succeed
  • I’m Invested in the Conflict
  • I Refuse to Change
  • I Feel Like a Fraud
  • I’m Angry at Doctors
  • I Have To Be Perfect
  • I Don’t Expect It To Work Out
  • The Business of Money
  • I Don’t Want to Give Up My Misery
  • Trusting My Guidance

Additional Topics:

  • Prosperity Prescription
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Be Wrong