Afraid to Lose Weight?

Tap to Safety with Leslie Vellios and Carol Look You want to reach your goal weight, but you keep sabotaging yourself. You know the program you’re following is healthy and good for you, but you keep falling off… Maybe… you’re afraid to lose the weight! If you find yourself continuing to sabotage yourself on your… Read More »

Eliminate Cravings

Using the client’s cravings to enter into addictions and overweight cases By Carol Look, EFT Master Brenda attended my recent “EFT for Anxiety Relief” class at the National Guild of Hypnotists convention. As part of the agenda, I asked for volunteers for an in-class demonstration for food cravings and underlying feelings. Brenda was one of… Read More »

Weight Loss Treatment by Telephone

Successful weight loss case done over the phone By Carol Look, EFT Master “Fiona” has been working with me by telephone for 5-6 months to lose weight and has lost a total of 20 pounds so far. Her story and our tapping sessions are described below: LETTER FROM FIONA: I come from a family where… Read More »

Janet Loses 52 Pounds and Is No Longer “Stuck”

Carol Look presents a letter from Janet on weight loss By Carol Look, EFT Master INTRO BY CAROL: I met a lovely couple at the Chicago workshop who told me that after following the weight loss articles I wrote for the EFT web site, they lost 52 and 60 pounds respectively, using only the phrases… Read More »

38 Pound Weight Loss

Following up on a 30 pound weight loss By Carol Look, EFT Master “Mary” contacted me before the recent Energy Psychology conference to tell me she had lost over 30 pounds since taking my EFT weight loss class at the previous year’s conference. She agreed to be “interviewed” for a post to this email list… Read More »

25 Pound Weight Loss

By Carol Look, EFT Master “Ann” was referred to me for weight loss from her back/pain doctor who had recently heard of EFT. When she first called, Ann reported feeling scared. While she felt embarrassed about being overweight and knew it was exacerbating her pain, she hadn’t felt ready to tackle this issue. The doctor… Read More »

How to Lose Weight with EFT

4 audio CD set with a BONUS CD! Working one by one in a group teleclass, Carol uncovers and addresses many of the emotional drivers behind addictive food cravings, destructive body images, low self-esteem and future relapses. As she demonstrates and applies EFT in each case, the rest of the group has the opportunity to… Read More »