Embrace Both Sides

When events happen in our families and in our lives, it can be difficult to openly Embrace Both Sides. Last month my family had one death and one birth on the same day. Hello and goodbye within the same 24 hour period… and neither one was expected to happen that week. I flew to the… Read More »

Do Something Refreshing

If you looked at your daily schedule and your “to do” list, you might find tasks and appointments that drain your energy. Sure, there may be things you need to do, but where’s the list of activities that would refresh you? It’s so common to get into habits where you’re pushing yourself, racing around, and… Read More »

Unplug Now

I know that just seeing this title scared some of you – the thought of being unplugged for even a short period of time feels upsetting or anxiety-provoking. That’s the very reason it would be good for you – it’s new, it feels uncomfortable, and there are so many benefits when you choose to Unplug… Read More »

Follow Your Flow

It is essential for your success and happiness to Follow Your Flow. What do I mean?  I mean you need to trust your gut, listen to your inner yes, and then follow where your heart and intuition take you…  Many people follow someone else’s “flow” or life plan.  Then they end up unhappy, misguided, confused,… Read More »

Embrace Each Emotion

Unfortunately, we have been taught to categorize our emotions and feelings into negative or positive, good or bad.  And that does not serve us well. The more you can Embrace Each Emotion you have, the more emotionally whole you can become.  No single feeling is bad or good, each emotion is just energy you allow to… Read More »

Be Still

Do you ever get tired of rushing, hurrying, organizing, doing more, planning more, or juggling more? Do you ever feel as if you can’t Be Still any more… there’s no time to Be Still because you have too much to do?  (Yes, there is an absurd quality to this feeling – too busy to slow… Read More »

Call Back Your Power

Do you ever feel as if you have given away your emotional, physical or spiritual power in your life? I know, it feels terrible.  And most people have no idea what to do about it. First, you need to recognize that you have been giving away your power on one or more levels in your… Read More »

Join Me for a Free EFT Webinar

Hi There! Well spring has officially sprung here in New York and with that comes cleaning out the emotional cobwebs and preparing for growth – personal growth! So let me ask you – is now the time to move beyond being stuck? Let’s enter into this time of year with the energy and freedom to… Read More »