Ask Carol #7

Teenage acne, want a loving partner, betrayal, anger, gaining confidence when competing, losing my daughter, tail enders, and more!

Ask Carol #6

#1) I’ve been doing EFT/LOA with all the suggested gratitude/ appreciation exercises and videos for 2 years now, and I’m still 50lbs. overweight…I started gradually cutting out the sugar and all the junk and I put myself in a food friendly vibrational place before I eat. I feel pretty good now compared to the very… Read More »

Ask Carol #5

#1) Hi Carol, Is call reluctance, i.e. fear of picking up the phone to make prospecting calls more to do with lack of “self worth” or just rejection or both? Any chance you could please do a sequence for it in one of your future newsletters? –Tony #2) I have really enjoyed your abundance book… Read More »

Ask Carol #4

#1) I have “an acid tongue”. I can be incredibly rude and short with people who I (wrongly) judge as stupid and incompetent (mostly at work). It’s a reflection of what I think of myself, but will all the tapping, I can’t seem get to the point where I’m kind to others or myself. I… Read More »

Ask Carol #3

#1) I’m so used to LOA and ONLY focusing on what I WANT that when I use EFT and am tapping all the ‘negative’ aspects of a problem, I can’t help but feel like it’s damaging in some way because I’m sending all this negative stuff out into the Universe and it will come back… Read More »

Ask Carol #2

#1) From an advanced tapping practitioner “Katherine”: I have 2 clients with severe pain who are really doing great work. They are willing to look at large traumas and are clearing them. They are tapping regularly and do experience relief from pain (from 8-10 to 0-2) for several hours or days. The pain keeps returning,… Read More »

Ask Carol #1

#1) Well I feel stuck in my job and I wish to find my dream job only that I don’t know what it is yet or how to get it and I have fears of not succeeding in a new place. –Ron #2) How can you tell the difference between guidance and fear? Sometimes they… Read More »